wang zhizhi in this life the most sorry she had no opportunity to repay!

wang zhizhi is a big contribution to the chinese men's basketball team is very low-key, that is down and out, once he is the hope of the chinese men's basketball team has become a fringe players.if you want to use one word to describe his life, that is ups and zhizhi in game, led the rockets players invincible, won a championship title, the six, so to speak, he is a game.and the hero is also the first to enter the nba players in the history of the cba.

the chinese have a saying, people always talk about, namely man struggles upwards water flows downwards.for their own future and the future, in order to be able to continue to struggle in the nba, and he chose to stay in the summer league, was a very normal thing, he also in communication with the basketball association, but a female reporter but don't know why just broke, word of mouth to say wang zhizhi refused to playing for his country, for a while, the has become a very serious matter that year, in this way, a man stood at the summit of the chinese men's basketball team immediately citizens who become the equivalent of the object.

when it make very serious, very few media people for wang zhizhi, and therefore for his vocal su qun teacher that interviews are reduced.during that time, wang zhizhi is very poor, but he is not the most dismal, because he just can stand involved most was his parents, almost every day live a life of being poked spine.

wang zhizhi's mother is also a former national, one of the chinese women's basketball center ren huanzhen, retired after must get a job in beijing, people's respect.but because of his son a decision, let her and her husband are back a heavy stigma, the stigma serious to her to go to vegetable market to buy food are cooing others and fact, wang zhizhi sacrifice ren huanzhen for son is more than that, except life was pointing at work, also take wang zhizhi to the rockets used to be cancelled directly.

later, wang zhizhi stay in the united states, in training at the start of the game, almost can't come back to see his parents, even have children, children grow up to two years old, and never let ren huanzhen seen huanzhen on this has always been very pain, see the other people in this age can enjoy family happiness, and his only son and grandson coast apart.things finally an interesting is in 2006, basketball association and wang zhizhi communication again, on both sides of a formal reconciliation.

wang zhizhi chose to return home, also chose to continue the game for my country, after come back, wang zhizhi proves himself again, once again became the mainstay of our team!remember that year's asian games, wang zhizhi encounter strong is more strong, big kill, let the audience has been looked at his son's two old career immediately.unfortunately, wang zhizhi can have a good filial piety them, left ren huanzhen but due to said that in this life the most sorry is she, next life still have a chance.

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