cba round of action and the latest championship guangdong tied the first in shandong province, liaoning xinjiang will be into the top


beijing time on february 9, cba season end of week 37 eight games.leaders in zhejiang metal beikong beat beijing.2-4 battle, liaoning road in guangzhou, 114-120 loss, result is guangdong tied, at the end of the race at guangdong, liaoning the game about the results of the two to four qualifying.qingdao, shandong province in 135-118 road win over overtook guangdong and liaoning.shandong beat in tianjin, at the end of the round win both guangdong and liaoning, shandong will match the team record, against the liaoning and shandong and guangdong dead even dominant, so shandong win, as long as the end of the round will lock in the third.

sixth battle, this round of shenzhen win opportunities to xinjiang and beijing, xinjiang, fujian, beijing beat the bayi, both team record match shenzhen, relying on the advantage of dead even ranked sixth in the end of the round, against zhejiang, xinjiang against the construction of beijing, shenzhen against guangzhou.if three team final with points, the sixth in xinjiang.if with shenzhen points in xinjiang, xinjiang is the sixth.if with beijing points in xinjiang, xinjiang seventh, sixth in beijing.

about the playoffs for the war, shanghai win for the zhejiang pressure, the game win at sichuan, zhejiang province, but they have to win at the end of the xinjiang, to keep the playoffs places, very is the next round against and the latest ranking:

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