trading and south after the magician clarkson: jenny cried but the championship is coming

after the lakers traded with the knight's, little thomas behaved ecstatic, although i don't know if there is any small thomas and james deep feeling to say goodbye, but i know the peony and in clarkson and the lakers say goodbye one by one, they said embrace together for a long time.clarkson and peony is, after all, the lakers are important players, especially in this difficult season, they won many games, most win with the two efforts.

, according to reports, he doesn't want her tell the lakers management buy-outs of in the coming year.that is to say, her kindness gave up the chance to go to the playoffs this season, but chose to stay in the rest of the time the lakers, playing for the lakers.even may los her know he wasn't the lakers' plans, but admire kind of the mind for lakers fans have is to let a person very touched.

in an interview after the deal was done, the magician said they two have a lot of potential, but i'm not satisfied western rank 11 for the lakers, as we all know only superstar can lead to win, only reached the playoffs, just a chance to win a championship, so we have to give up the two very good young them, as we make great salary space, the stars, we can sign a championship is coming!

in addition, the magician also praised palin card, he said palin card during this time very hard, seriously in the work, thank you very much for the lakers he did all addition when it comes to jeanie buss, the magician said:jenny also agreed to the deal, but she cry, he spent all the experience of the teams and players, her feelings towards those players and very deep.but he also understood we do care.

trading two role players, the boss can cry!although jane is a woman, but to be able to work for the boss, for clarkson and peony, even if a trade is no regret?here they harvest the friendship, but also can get the boss so leisurely affectionate and may also be only the lakers will appear this kind of situation?like a knight to owen?like the celtics for small thomas?absolutely won't appear like her kind would rather give up the playoffs to also want to stay in the lakers' players, and jeanie buss this feeling for the players.

but, peony and clarkson is really two very player with talent and potential, the lakers that must be determined.if the magician can't guarantee signing big-name signings this summer, the lakers deal both players will be a big failure, but the magician can't so silly, whether george or cousins or james, as long as to a lakers to the playoffs, to two, the first year's playoffs should level between the two turn west.

at the moment, i look forward for the lakers next year, has been far beyond the playoffs so simple!

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