burn!knight after reinforcement is willing to face million luxury tax for the boss?

in this year's trade deadline, knight crazy completed deals, they off the small thomas, fry, ross, claude, incense potter and sign their first round and second round sign for george hill, hood, clarkson, peony, such as many top players, and then the transaction is completed, the knight while reinforcing their squad, but this summer, knight will face a sky-high luxury tax punishment, according to the calculation, knight to pay the luxury tax may be more than$100 million, the new record!

in these new reinforcing player, george hill contract value maximum, the next three years, george hill are paid 20 million, 1900 and 18 million respectively, last year only 1 million is guaranteed.followed by clarkson 16 years in the 50 million four-year contract he signed and hood is out of contract this summer, small, cheap contract expires in the summer of 19 years.compared with the knight away small thomas and fry at the end of the contract, and cheap contract, claude annual salary of nearly 7 million knight's payroll don't".

according to the small make up a rough calculation, the knight of the season and will rise to more than$50 million over the luxury tax, summer if james knight, to renew the knight's payroll will reach$138 million, it's more than$30 million over the luxury tax, considering the restricted free agent market value of hood, knight to leave his salary must be at least$1500 to$20 million, then the layup net first round rookie contract signing, next year the knight's payroll will easily break through 160 million, the knight has to pay the luxury tax for three consecutive years, they will trigger the punitive taxes next year, knight light fine luxury tax is easily more than$100 million.

knight boss is repeatedly in the media before the interview gilbert said publicly that he is tired of the endless pay the luxury tax, and according to the value of the released teams in the nba ranking, in cleveland,""small the market itself value around$14 to$1.5 billion, though, so successive pay high luxury tax is impossible for the boss, jr and tt two garbage now seems no one is willing to take over, contract this summer, knight, managing and facing a new problem, the luxury tax for ticket, the boss has the willing to pay?

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