the lakers officially refused to small thomas two big request!ten thousand big contract really not this time

"i'm tired of being traded, i want to stay in cleveland, compete for a championship,"we have the strength, small thomas had said when it comes to trade rumors.instead, little thomas did not escape the fate of being traded, from knight to the lakers, dominant from the east to the west three-point banker.

haven't play tricks in the nba, small thomas from the king to be traded to the sun, and then to the celtics, the third season at celtic, small thomas in explosion, not only led the celtic human pressure knight became east first, oneself also played the averaging nearly 29 points of data.small after thomas wanted to play tricks can control their own fate, some people, however, from the celtics to knight, and then to the lakers,"with"little assassin is people.

speak true, small thomas not last puzzle of a championship team, because of his defects too obvious, too deadly, this also is in anji"against"determined dealing little thomas, he is more suitable for a middle-ranking player grabbed the ball, follow one's inclinations.after being traded to the lakers, little thomas's agent admits thomas and james out of step, two people all need the ball, and knights are james, continue like this is not good for both sides.

small thomas chose the number 7 shirt, but he was having a difficult time of, not to the new owners have received two bad news reports.little thomas agent, said thomas will not substitute, if substitute, small thomas would seek to buy, but the lakers refused to clear the small thomas requirements, magic johnson said bauer is the starting point guard, not buy small thomas, become completely free agent until the offseason.

apparently, little thomas, 29, is not in the lakers' future planning, and the lakers this season is to cultivate young people, so little assassin is not too much, he can only mix to the end of the season, waiting for the offseason into the free agent market.last season played a career after a season of the most highlight, small thomas firmly believe you are worthy of a maximum contract, but for now, can give a the top point guards, 29, offers a$20 million contract team really is not much, this is the biggest blow to small thomas.

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