small market rating: thomas knight in to help the lakers sign james?

the lakers get little thomas, channing frye, knights protected in 2018 first round sign

knight get a jordan-clarkson, larry south


the deal is difficult to understand, the knight to get george hill and rodney-hood is more puzzling.

get clarkson, knight to eat into his 2018-19$12.5 million and$2019 in 2019-20.knight in the lakers' signing of lebron james and pay another top player.

if the knight at one's discretion james left, and use it after reinforcement james era in the future, that is another matter.but the knight the clarkson as a baby, then a few hours later he was submerged in the knight's rotation.

small thomas as contract expiring handled, and in the year before his mvp votes, also ranked fifth.small is too bad in a short career, thomas off his knights will get better.

his hip injury worse defensively, could make up for the defensive attack also hope not.results small thomas has become one of the worst player in the league, bbr site of positive and negative value(5.9) 9 last league(at least 250 minutes).besides derek ross is less than the thomas one of eight players.

is very suitable for playing backup center, is just the knight lack of empty inside.this season has 59 dunk, more than any outside of james knight players.if south and sadie-ottoman(excellent in overtime win over the forest) partner second team, we can see the knight year-round rare sports talent.

what was supposed to be the knight eat clarkson's compensation.but the knight is on 2018 protected the first round of the sign.the deal from confusing to a very bad.

knight after get two better defender, clarkson and knights are especially.clarkson is a prolific scorer, is playing his best season.but his true shooting percentage(53.2%) still far below the average(55.6%).

the best clarkson's role is to attack with poor substitute, but he made shots there is another problem:he expected effective field goal percentage(according to such factors as the position of the shooting, defensive people distance it is concluded that the average shooting) is only 49.1%, among 224 players to at least 250 times in 176.

in clarkson knight may get more relaxed fixed-point opportunity.unfortunately, the ball shooting clarkson effective shooting only 50.7%, since 2014-15, 184 at least 500 shots of players out.121.for comparison, carey-owen ball shot effective ratio is 63.1%, at the same time.5.

and then the defensive problems.clarkson height 1 meter 96, could theoretically be two backcourt defense.but when in the presence of clarkson, the lakers' defense.clarkson reversed this trend this season as the lakers' defensive efficiency positive factors of the 11th.when it may be that the present clarkson, three points is not allowed.

overall, integrated the result of many years, espn's real is negative thought clarkson's defensive best round of more than average lost 2.4 points, is probably the point guard the bottom 10.small thomas is worse-3.2 points.

if the cavs want to pack them the first round of the sign and contract expire, i prefer to pursue the grizzlies tyreke evans.evans is a better shooter, more efficient scorer, but also due to contract, worth$3.3 clarkson's 2 year contract, also pay a first round, the knight's price is too expensive.

the lakers:a

the lakers want to sign two paid players in the summer, sooner or later go clarkson.even if the lakers put the goals in 2019, also is not open around clarkson.didn't give up picks out of contract clarkson, the lakers win tonight.

the lakers this summer cap space for an additional$12.5 million, even if you don't sign the paid players, they can also use the free market"money"this advantage to sign a contract with cost-effective for a last year signed pop, short-term stay competitive.

off the return of the south is a first sign is worth, and even made:the next four years, the lakers got a cheap rookie contract, regardless of how to contract a year later the south, so that better control the salary.

in the summer of 2019's plan is also hinder the reinforcements, because his salary placeholder will rise to 2.3 million from 6.8 million.and knight's first round is also expected to sign on the 2019-20 season around 2 million.

small thomas is a lakers fan since i was a child, his name is because my father lose the bet.thomas has been eager to play for the lakers, but it may not be the plot as he imagined.

small ball game is very difficult to thomas with takashi sano-bauer, brandon-ingram compatible.according to the previously reported, the lakers will reuse small thomas.

a warm message is, and lakers coach fry to luke walton reunited, they were at the university of arizona team mates.

(play everyday rice bucket, to win the nba awards)

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