walking in 30 teams knight gained or lost?the american media for three deal score is given

this is lebron james entered the cavaliers locker room tomorrow.in the nba trade deadline day, the cavaliers, general manager of kobe altman, can say to the perfection in their jobs.completed three players trading, off the six players+a first round sign, from the three teams in return for the four players.

let's take a look at the american media make comment on kobe altman, a move.

a trading:the cavaliers are:guard george hill and bit/small forward rodney-hood

the kings got:forward joe johnson, defender iman-potter, second round picks in 2020(from miami, via the cavs)

the jazz get:a striker jack lauder, point guard derek ross


the cavaliers:b+

for the right to judge the deal, need comprehensive all movements of the cavaliers in the trading deadline.

the cavaliers off:jay claude, channing frye, derek ross, iman-sweet alpert, isiah thomas, dwyane wade, signed a 2018 first round, a 2020 second round sign(from the heat).

the cavaliers are:jordan-clarkson, george hill and rodney-hood, larry south.

compared to last season, can consider the cavaliers with fry, sweet potter and carey-owen for clarkson, hill, hood, nantes, antell-day by day, and the nets in 2018 the first round of the sign.oh this looks quite appropriate, but also so many people see michael owen in five trading).

the cavaliers move or a lot of risk.if the summer of lebron james finally chose to leave free agent, combined with hill 31.5 million clarkson's salary is not very suitable.summer is a hood also needs a new contract(restricted free agents), and larry south, will become a restricted free agent next season.the cavaliers will pay a big price to keep the squad now, whether james stay team.

at the same time, the cavaliers have also become better in the playoffs against the celtics, and possible finals opponent the rockets and warriors.

in the middle of the season changing so many players rarely called the wise.new players need time to adapt to and blend in the team.the best returns tend to emerge until next season, but the cavs don't have the time.

however, in addition to keep the nets in the first round of sign, finally the deal just let the cavaliers lost six minutes the longest in the side of a.this is the best possible results.

the kings:b

will hill removed from payroll next season wages is one bright spot.so they saved$8 million for the next season.makes the kings in the future business have more flexibility.

this is for the kings last summer's management some brainless operation:busy signing some veteran is not suitable for the development of the team.never too late to mend, especially has signed a second round in 2020.

and now a lot of teams in the league are waiting to the kings buyout joe johnson.

the jazz:b+

many jazz fans may be unhappy for the deal, and even anger.

but the jazz a move aimed at in the long run.with donovan-mitchell was born, hood attack for the team to become some redundancy.summer the team will not sign a big contract and hood.

since joining the cavaliers, claude's performance has been lower than expected, but in a team, away from the distractions of the cavaliers state maybe he'll get it back.he is better than hood defensive many, on the power forward position more strong than joe johnson.

best of all, claude has two years,$15.1 million contract, contract prices of hood, compared the jazz can save nearly 30 million for two years.moreover, rose will be the team to give up.everything is fine!2:

trading the cavaliers are:guard jordan-clarkson, power forward/center larry south,

the lakers get:power forward/center channing frye, point guard, isaiah thomas, a 2018 first-round sign.


the cavaliers:b-

"i'm tired of being traded,"iraq isaiah thomas cavaliers team win over minnesota on wednesday after an interview:"this is not a good thing, i just want to go where i want to go to.i like it here, things did not go as planned, but i really want to stay here."

small thomas and cavaliers does not call.team does not have enough players to cover small thomas, his shooting has also dropped to his career.get a jordan-clarkson and larry south, almost can help in all respects to the cavaliers.clarkson's point guard on the upgrade, the south, increased the frontcourt depth of 4 a and 5 a.

but considering the lakers?the cavaliers gave them two expiring contract, receiving the clarkson, the lakers to make signing in the summer of two top salary contract salary space.it makes the lakers have a better chance of signing in the summer:lebron james.

the team cannot always these concerns to make decisions, but the cavaliers are more clear and direct competitors in business have how old harm(carey-michael owen will be sent to the celtics).

clarkson can score, but he is not accustomed to for a long period of time to play without the ball.most of his shots are not from the assists, but he never good at scoring the ball into the basket.the cavaliers are gambling on their present and future.

the lakers:a

out of contract with the south, clarkson, for two copies of the contract is about to expire, if the lakers this summer only keep julius-randall, give up all other free agents, they will have$44 million in cap space, if a randall can also let it go, this number will be 56 million dollars.

this is not quite enough to sign james and paul george, at the same time but the lakers can idea to persuade luol deng pay cut, to save an additional$10 million.

more importantly the lakers also got a first sign.get half of the season right to use the small thomas is also beneficial to the team, if small thomas back to the previous state, the lakers have priority signing his power.

three trading:the cavaliers are:2024 protected second round sign

miami get:points a dwyane wade


the cavaliers:no comment

the cavaliers this respect wade's choice, after the cavaliers a visit, 36, wade want to go back to where he began the nba career.the cavaliers also does not need to reduce the wade playing time to hurt wade, even hurt relations with james.


it must be admitted to see wade in the bulls jersey, and then in the cavaliers jersey feel very strange.feeling is not correct.

it feels right now.wade back down the heat, and heat have duhem-vitus's substitute.

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