read this article you will know that the last years of career marbury has experienced what!

veterans die, they just fade fall.

distance marbury's final game of his career and for two days, on february 11, jiangsu candy after the home, 1996 golden generation of the last player in the nba, is about to end his career.

"dozen 22 years of basketball, i'm tired, really tired."marbury said."everything is fine, i also can calm in the face of all these days.i like to controlled way to end my career, to retire, so my heart calm of one hundred percent."

all about marbury in the nba, we don't do, because it's too far away from us, that he was a good data, the upon him"lone wolf"label, we also find that come to china, it all cba, marbury created the great miracle and myth, he almost to its end in guangdong dynasty, led the beijing shougang three championship, marbury is old now, want to leave.

the myth of the cba, eventually will fall into the earth.

"i'll do everything we can to beikong men's national team, with all my energy and 21 years of professional experience to lead the young team win a game by a, will be the great honor to stay in beijing city."<br/>

when we back marbury career, a detail always relishes.

when old deserting join beijing shougang, he always talk about a word is,"i bring to the team championship, we have to fight for the champion."at first, including the coach of a kind of problem, most of the players, the remark as a joke, or is a core team of motivate people in a word, for so many years of his career, to boast of foreign aid, they see more.

but soon people found the horse that foreign aid is not the same, not only committed, the key is to really help the team win, everybody also accepted the horse has been slowly instilling idea:we are title contenders.

until today, although he left beijing shougang, foreign aid, the coach has changed, but the spirit of his stay in beijing shougang was still in, domestic players still dare to dare to spell, in a word, no one dared ignore now beijing shougang.

move easily, when played after six seasons in shougang, 40 years old, old packing up, and came to the other team in beijing, beijing beikong, weak beikong is known to all, also know that old old, together they can have what kind of achievement?

join beikong public appearance for the first time, he said,"i'll do everything we can to beikong men's national team, with all my energy and 21 years of professional experience to lead the young team win a game by a, will be the great honor to stay in beijing city."

he didn't talk about.

you know, marbury to join beijing shougang, shougang team last season with three foreign aid has only hit the 8, the first round of the playoffs, but the horse still slogans shouted out champions.

don't say first champion, marbury convert beikong, or bring them a lot of fans, also promote the popularity of the game, attendance is proved that although among them there are a lot of fans in marbury in beijing shougang no.3, whenever marbury scored, the fans will like he was in shougang chanting"mvp".

the regular season first home defeat of the shandong team"three foreign aid,"maradona inevitably asked by this question:from shougang beikong to play the feelings of what's different?marbury said:"this is different two teams, as the goal, to a title, one is to enter the playoffs."

"i'm glad to see shougang team played so well, though i don't have the time and the former teammates said too many words, but they are my brothers."

since marbury switch to beikong, countless people began to look forward to the horse again face old master game, this moment coming soon, on november 12, beikong at home against shougang.

two warm-up before the game, the stands there were growing fans shout the slogan of"marbury mvp", the scene was introduced when both players, marbury cheers echoed through the entire arena.

the game runs smooth, although beikong full lead most of the time, but did not give up chasing, shougang team has been very close game.

distance 45 seconds remaining, marbury was zhaixiaochuan defensive scored two points, the two sides gap in three points, just when all people thought that he wants to take over the game, only 13 seconds later, he received personal fouls, 6 but leave, the data of 11 points and five assists.

the rest of the time, the bench marbury has been excited cheer to a teammate.young xu mengjun became the games, he scored at crucial moments beikong had the last laugh.

when beikong eventually win, the horse ran onto the waving fists roars, celebrate a significant victory for him.

it is said that this is old left shougang would win the game, but in the face of victory, believe that happiness is not the horse only inner monologue.

"it is not revenge, i love this city, as always, i made a very high achievement in shougang, i don't think this is a war of revenge, we can win is one of the most important."marbury said after the game,"shougang team players are my brother, i love them, will never change, i am glad to see that they played so well.although i don't have the time and the former teammates said too many words, but they are all my brothers, together we completed a great achievement."

now, little brother became the opponent, marbury in beikong also had his little brother, for example just to help him win derby xu mengjun, in his rookie season just dare to dare to spell, three point shooting 41.4% this season, he is also one of the best in the team.

he also like the belt fang shuo with him."marbury gave me more is a spiritual encouragement, in the level of influence because he was in beijing, he play qualifications, when i see him play basketball? i haven't contact,"xu mengjun,"he is 40 years old, but still can maintain such a high intensity training, have such a high request for yourself, this is our young people is worth learning."

two months after the game, the second round of city derby will be the sharp-shooting leg, there is also a brilliant place, on behalf of marbury cba career horse full of expectations,"state of absolutely looking forward to the next derby i must be better than this."

the next derby, old state is really better than this time, but down is not the whole season.

"no foreign aid, foreign aid domestic players put doesn't open hands, while across the foreign aid played a role."

marbury has a warm up before the habit, although in a piece of ground, this season but marbury before the action without any change.

when waiting for the jump ball game, he will in his own half to lift the ball pants, lit up with, then stand near the free throw line leg press, left the right.

this habit remained unchanged, but the old data is changed, the season change occurs shortly after winning the first derby.on november 14, beikong at home to fujian, the team to a 75-91 rout, scene is very ugly.

after the game to the conference, shi jie beikong coach first apologized to the fans,"fans sorry everyone, i'm sorry, today is really terrible.i blame, because i am the boss, today is bad than shit, is playing the most times since i took so many team."

when it comes to the cause of loss, ding wei, said the defense, the second is foreign aid and the players are not normal to play."today there is no defense, no heart, no composition, no formula, no foreign aid, foreign aid domestic players put doesn't open hands, while across the foreign aid played a role."

ding wei admitted that beikong is weak team, need foreign aid, and in the eyes of ding wei, the need to get 15 to 20 points, while the other two foreign aid will need about 50 points, basic guarantee to win, but marbury played 39.3 minutes, the night he shot 2, 7 had only five points.

to be fair, fujian is not strong, beikong had also had the basket missed shots, failed to win tianjin regret, also has the fourth last time can win a throw-in success has been tackling layup, but successful, eventually overtime loss to shanghai, if can win these games, beikong may can squeeze on the last bus, but not if, professional sports beikong eventually no playoffs.

after the loss to fujian, including marbury three foreign aid in an interview, but rumors spread, said beikong men's basketball team is trial former nba player trey burke, ready to replace marbury.

beikong hurriedly rumours, stabilize the morale.the next play game, zhejiang beikong three foreign aid collective play, took a total of 70 points, the old 23 points, but beikong or to a 101-108 loss to zhejiang,.

"i hurt my leg affects my shots, but i still tell myself to play aggressive."maradona said after the match against and zhejiang, as for is going to replace his talk, a reporter to his patch, marbury said:"i think the club has issued a statement on this, did you read?now that you have read, you should not let rumors continue."

the rumors didn't continue, even if the horse after that display the ups and downs, jilin 3 points, eight points in sichuan, shandong eight points, seven points off the qingdao four points, tianjin......

now, marbury has two regular-season games didn't play, the data of his final season as:15.1 points, 3.8 rebounds, 3.8 assists, in addition to assists is lower than 2013-14 season averaging 0.1, other data are his cba career lows.

"when you love something, everyone can see that your love is love without reason."

stumbled a season later, on january 28th against guangzhou became beikong can't lose the direct competitors of the playoffs, guangzhou ranked in front of the beikong, if lose beikong, the playoffs is unlikely.

to make matters worse, a day before the game, beikong basketball club officials announced that the asian foreign aid abbas team this season through injury.

no retreat, marbury, he at guangzhou one bomb under a season high with 47 points, zaid 12 of 17 shots, making six of nine 3-pointers, and there are eight rebounds and five celebrate her birthday 41 marbury, shocked fans with crazy data once again.sadly, however, even if the horse play games like this, beikong is still in a 108-118 defeat.

when old teammates around not zhaixiaochuan, fang shuo, zhu yanxi, not that help ever follow maradona won three championships of the children, in the face of great pressure, young beikong made tuition for their young.

however, 47 points is still marbury nearly five seasons single-game highest score, since the last time he get such a high score or in 2012-2013 season against dongguan 48 points.he highest in cba single-game scoring record in january 7, 2011, when he was on behalf of the team in the game against the guangdong foshan, get over 55 points.

in cba23 years of history, can keep his career to 40 players, this is rare, and under the age of 40, to hit 47 points, also no one has ever done.

let's look ahead and around the world, the highest level of basketball in the nba, talented, can receive such a high score of 40 years old, and only a person, he is the god of basketball, michael jordan, 40, he once in the game against the nets get 40 points and 10 rebounds.

"when you love something, everyone can see that your love is love without reason.i will cherish every moment of playing in the cba, is a high intensity game to guangzhou, i know that team win the game will playoff closer, i do my best efforts, the heart is empty."marbury said, say on this.

marbury is not the reason of the finish, is a fact that has been the default beikong wanted to push into the playoffs, only theoretically possible.

a day later, marbury on social media forward his 47 points highlights, and wrote:"47 points and eight rebounds, 5 assists 3 steals, i can't be like at the age of 20 or 30 every night with such data, but 40, i still can have such a play!thank god let me have the ability to do this on the i said before, i like the way to end his career are the best, and i realized that every game in the game to devote the rest of the six games will be in china i play the battle of the curtain call."

beauty since like him, don't we see old, marbury to retired.

now, marbury retired and two games, with an already about feelings, when we look back at this season, we have seen the ups and downs for marbury, outbreaks of marbury, myth and eventually fell to earth, though the ultimate result is not perfect, but as he said:"i like the way to end his career, is the best."

after all, i have been to, i have seen, i conquered!

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