ares griffin complete liberation zhuang god!fifth straight back to the playoffs!fear into eastern biggest dark horse?


we have already can't think of a better word to describe griffin and his pistons!griffin's performance is thoroughly the face of the clippers and rivers.

piston home win over the nets had five wins in a row, griffin in the wake of a piston also came to the four-zero, so no one would have thought that griffin is suitable for the pistons, estimate the pistons didn't think of!

griffin--god two inside, a good work, and keep a good.two people can do their job and perfect coordination, post once again to flight.

the match griffin contributed 25 points and three rebounds and seven assists, 2 steals, critical moment has scored nine points to lead the team to win!and god a person on the defensive end zhuang 27 rebounds, scored 17 points and rebounds large two pairs!so superior performance than pelican towers also riches make!

excellent play against the two men, the pistons to a 115-106 victory over the nets.after five straight back into the playoff team, the team momentum great!

maybe this season best deals have no any doubt!

from the north defeated to five wins in a row, griffin after arrival of the piston as great changes have taken place, for the piston to play four games are cut down 21.5 points, 6.2 assists and 7.8 rebounds data!this data is absolutely all-star level!

most crucially, griffin at the same time to prove himself completely released zhuang drummond god!and closure by the criticism when the team is different, now the god is the true enjoy the game, zhuang griffin outstanding ability to organize and cic let god zhuang can play their concerns in the paint and the defensive side of things.

look at griffin come after four games zhuang data of god!

besides lower today in the face of the nets game shooting outside, the rest of the game scoring efficiency is very high!in recent field data but also to the average 18.4 points and 20.2 rebounds and 2.6 blocks and 2.8 steals.blocks steals are league top!!concentrate on defensive zhuang god than all the big ben also riches?and zhuang god is more like a leader on the pitch in the play, the more will encourage teammates.this is a significant change of god zhuang!

according to the current state of the piston and performance, the playoffs is something sooner or later, and they are likely in the rankings one step closer!the top four teams are estimated to nervous, a piston griffin--god is not want to meet anyone!

what's more, they are still on the sidelines and reggie jackson, this is still not the best piston!piston is the playoffs black eight black seven miracle?very likely!but the premise is that the piston will meet in the eastern 7 8 into the playoffs?

they have the ability to do better, and they are moving in this direction!

for griffin, although detroit life without los angeles paper gold drunk fans, but at least he has captured the pistons team here heart!in the piston, he also found the most comfortable way to win to prove himself!

from this perspective, griffin is not only saved the piston, he is also saved yourself!

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