thomas will be traded!knight version of rovio or was born perfect reinforcing protection box inside

beijing time on february 9, 2018, at the end of the trading deadline a few hours, trading on the market is very lively, more teams want to sale their own players, there are a lot of teams want to change, to find more suitable trade bait!, according to a report in the american media reporters woj cavaliers have done a deal with the lakers, the details of the deal is the cavaliers sent isaiah thomas, channing frye and cavaliers' first-round draft picks, traded for lakers jordan clarkson and larry south, can say the deal is the result of the cavaliers' recent turmoil, don't know how their effects on earth!

if only from the point of the strength of paper, the cavaliers are indeed very lost, the team lost in the deal, after all, a first-round draft picks, and also lost a little thomas all-star, and they just get a qualified rotation player south, and a man 6 clarkson.but if from the point of view of reality, the cavaliers of the deal does is compelling.clients, small thomas role in the team, after all, is all people see in the eye, not only to be able to play their own strength, even also has very big effect to a teammate, that's why the cavaliers recent state deeply depressed!

to say the cavaliers new, although the two teenager is not too big in the league title, but there is some of their strength!first of all, is the main chip trading jordan clarkson.before the player on the lakers have been the secretary sixth man, and played very well, can contribute 14.5 points and 3 rebounds, 3.3 assists, is the third scorer in the team.his arrival can largely improve the impact of the cavaliers the second team, clarkson's role is now no one can replace in the team, and gets the clarkson, he is likely to become the cavaliers"louis williams", complete with its own style, help the cavaliers in the latter half of the season to find good state!

followed by larry south, although not the main chip of the deal, but he also remains in the los angeles lakers performance is very good, can averaging 8.6 points and 6.8 rebounds 1.4 assists in the data.can say the cavaliers inside without protective box ability completely, the arrival of the south, can solve the cavaliers.while the south is not a top defender, but at least he's been playing, also can live very good limit opponents on the pitch points in the paint.and his explosive physical quality is obvious to all, believes he can use their ability to shock and rebounds to help the team!

a lot of people say that the cavaliers this deal is very deficient, but if think about it, the deal really is very beneficial for both sides, after all, the lakers got two contract expire, it is extremely important for reconstruction of the team.let go the state has been depressed and the cavaliers is small, thomas got two potential nova, can say this for the cavaliers may will be an important turning point, let they can reverse in the next half of the season around now!

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