the trade deadline complete summary

the pistons send center willie reed, get the bulls jamal nelson, and exchange second round picks in 2022.

the cavaliers sent small thomas, fry and his first-round draft picks, get small and clarkson, cavaliers picks the first three line protection.

the eagle sent luke babbitt, get oscar wright.

the grizzlies sent james ennis, piston bryce johnson and a second round picks.

complete tripartite deal knight, sir, king, knight send ross, claude, sweet potter, get hu dehe hill.the king sent hill, joe johnson and potter, sir send hood, ross and claude.

knight will wade back to the heat, get the second round picks in 2020.

the raptors will kapo she sent to the king, malachy richardson.

the nuggets complete tripartite deal, the knicks and the lone ranger, the nuggets send moody, devin harris, the knicks send mcdermott, get moody, lone ranger send harris, mcdermott.

the pelican send connie ham, vaughan from the nets.

wizards sheldon mcclellan to eagle, in return for the second round picks.

the magic send small payton, from the second round picks(from the memphis grizzlies.

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