south korea treason fighter for pyeongchang games gold wang cheng tai chi tiger heart hard thorns?

distance pyeongchang olympics left 1 day, and once the games six gold king viktor ahn, is to build on the last bus in pyeongchang final effort.drug events due to russia, viktor ahn of arkansas-louisiana previously in the column of the suspension, but now he appeals, hope i can from the innocence, get to participate in the olympics.

as early as in 18 years on january 23, the international olympic committee to issue bans viktor ahn, means that is out of 33, he is likely to return to the motherland to participate in the olympics, although the competitiveness has curbed in, but to be the king of the short track speed skating, are reluctant to give up.

1, this list of viktor ahn innocent again?

the russian delegation is former head of the anti-doping laboratory rom radchenko's revelations, says it has a national large-scale drug behavior, he revealed in sochi, at least 15 award-winning russian athletes, 10 people have been deprived of medals, including 2 is a gold medalist.the mclaren report of sport was hit on the back of the russian delegation eventually be barred from winter olympics pyeongchang, innocent athletes to play only in their individual capacities.

the original suspension list, just no viktor ahn's name, until early 2018, viktor ahn suddenly"list", to join the army of feel refuses to viktor ahn, and other 31 russian athletes an appeal.

2, korea heart punctures 4 rejected in an end of"treason"

viktor ahn in short track speed skating household names, can even be called is the absolute king of the game, he was only 17 years old in salt lake city winter games on 4 1000 3 to 7 years, every complete world championships men run to grade.

viktor ahn or olympic legend, the turin games in 2006, years of the coming of age at 20 viktor ahn won 1000 meters, 1500 meters and 5000 meters relay three gold medals, has become the darling of the sports in south korea, a is the first olympic winter games won three gold medals speed skater.

just south korea speed skating team always serious internal friction, viktor ahn also become a 2008 when he training injuries, left knee fracture, after anterior cruciate ligament contusion, had three big before and after surgery.

but south korea sports injury in a game on the grounds that he refused to submit an expense account, finally let viktor ahn lose for vancouver, the russian delegation, enlist viktor ahn in russia, and four times before and after the final viktor ahn completed in cadastral, and changed its name to victor-ann, former south korean games hero, suddenly become traitors.

2014 winter olympics in sochi, viktor ahn, won the 500 meters, 1000 meters and 5000 meters relay champion, is sweeping across the three gold again, he had a short track speed skating champion of all the distance, two contest 6 gold and 2 bronze is a miracle.and that the tournament, viktor ahn's revenge, make south korea suffered serious waterloo, speed skating and became my heart sting.

3, not invited to the international olympic committee(ioc) core viktor ahn winter still broken dreams?

if viktor ahn to pyeongchang, so will be his fourth the olympic journey, 33, he only competitive state with no 4 years ago, the short track speed skating world cup this season, viktor ahn didn't have any gold medals are tallied, 500 m cards only 7 in the world.

however, south korea is his country after all, so in the winter olympics pyeongchang, can be said to be a once in a lifetime chance, viktor ahn, of course, is not willing to give up.short track speed skating all the preliminaries, but distance less than 48 hours, viktor ahn winter trip was hanging, i'm afraid.what's more, the international olympic committee has said, refused to invite viktor ahn, 32 athletes to participate in the olympics.

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