pyeongchang games are good news!south korea ahead in fatal error to send first win in china

although has not yet opened winter olympics pyeongchang, but part of the project has already begun, the chinese team today in two games, the chinese mixed doubles combination bud xin/wang rui continuous against switzerland and south the end, the chinese team in the two thrilling and exciting game 1-1, although regret lost to switzerland, but in the match against south korea accepted the gift, celebrating the victory of the winter olympics pyeongchang.

china 5-7 switzerland

china opener against world champions switzerland, although the strength of opponents, but the chinese team not afraid of the strong, has been down.4-5 backwardness, the chinese team in seven innings in front of the eighth inning team coming back to have the opportunity to get 2 points for the cause.after the eighth inning after the scene appear dispute, however, the swiss player said the chinese team met with their yellow pot, while china said two team players at the same time to pick up the red pot in the center of the lead to physical contact met yellow pot.the referee finally listen to switzerland's opinion, only gave china a points, 5-5 draw on both sides, competition into overtime!

overtime, because the chinese team situation is very bad and julio cruz, seize the opportunity to get two points, switzerland 7-5 in the narrowly beat the chinese team.throughout the game, the chinese team did very well, but failed to get two points at the eighth inning, led to the opening game 1 loss.the chinese team manager marcel once at the end of the eighth inning dissent, he communicates with the referee for a long time, but the referee did not make a sentence.

china 8-7 south korea

with the game in the morning, the chinese team scored again overtime, but the last laugh is the chinese team the game!

the chinese team played very well in the first half, 6-1 lead will be a great advantage.but the second half of the mutation, south korea at home his played the imposing manner, they finally in the fifth stage to complete a very beautiful, will china's yellow pot all blow fly out of the warehouse, south bureau to get 4 points, the gap will work with china to 1 minute.

the game into the eighth inning, two teams hit 7-7 ping, chinese team get excellent opportunities for the cause.but wang rui miss dead, her last missed a bit unusual, lead to hit out at the same time, south korea curling his curling left the warehouse, both sides do not score, the game into overtime.

overtime, the chinese team to play at a disadvantage and julio cruz, south korea's penultimate pot was perfect and all the chinese team two curling strike.the south korea men shouting passion to celebrate, provoked audience along happy cry at home, like south korea has won.south korea to celebrate in advance, however, to sorrow!

south korea finally appeared a pot of fatal error, the south korean team two players failed to judge good curling speed, wipe the surface cause curling glide distance too far in advance, for the chinese team.china accepted the gift back to 8 to 7 narrowly beat south korea won the winter olympics pyeongchang first win!

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