china sports ten classical reversal ()

the chinese athletes have winter olympics pyeongchang, wish the athletes have returned home in triumph, won the championship don't proud, losing champions don't lose heart, you will always be our on this occasion, i bring you the greatest and most mysterious chinese sports and the magic of the top ten reversal, they bring us a long time can't forget excited and moved.

9:jia zhan-2004 athens olympic games gold medal in the men's 50 m rifle

the last gun opponents shoot the wrong target, jia zhan luck and power coexist title

review:the 2004 athens olympic games men's 50 m rifle, jia zhan preliminaries, leading to the second two points into the finals, his goal from strive to in the first eight, also to the title.finals, jia zhan play is not stable, continuous two guns not more than 9 rings, and rival emmons a gun 10.4, 9.5 a gun, the advantage of heat disappeared in an instant, starting from the sixth gun, jia zhan has been emmons behind, the penultimate gun, jia zhan is incredible hit 7.8, this is a fatal mistake, to professional players so jia zhan and first emmons with 3 ring distance, before the end of the gun.

50 meters to shoot the silhouette paper minimal size:250 mm x 250 mm

the miracle happened, emmons shot after the last shot, the scoreline was too slow to make achievements, after double checking by the referee found emmons shot the wrong target, his last shot to number three rival target on his side, regret the last gun not result, give the gold to jia zhan, handing the chinese player jia zhan miraculously won the gold medal with 1264.5 grade, and shot the wrong target emmons, a final shot 0 ring, finally fell to the last.

jia zhan won 19 athens olympic games gold medal for the chinese delegation.(4 years later, in the china olympic games, the last gun emmons mistakes, once again lost the gold medal.the importance of sporting events and dramatic it is conceivable that we will get nervous in front of the television audience to heart pounding, and those in which athletes)

the tragic emmons

career shooter 3 ring is equivalent to the advantages of football athletes penalties, opposite the goalkeeper had not yet been results emmons also shot the ball away.

but for this gift from heaven, xu haifeng fluke or shouted:"jia zhan lishe strength is not strong, the final result is not ideal, but the achievement of other players."this project is a traditional chinese weaknesses, before to athens, firing squad for their task is just in the top eight.

meaning:man rifle is the weakness of chinese shooting team, before the games, the chinese shooting team in the rifle the project never enter the olympic games before eight.when watching the game, and just as an appetizer, have never thought jia zhan will bring such a big surprise for us, does not favor jia zhan at that time, with the first name, he can enter the finals has been overachieving, can enter the finals, is a breakthrough of the chinese shooting team in the project.and miracles happen repeatedly, jia zhan incredible won a gold medal.jia zhan is the luckiest person in the world, and luck are for the powerful, but, if there is no advantage in second place, he will not fall in the hands of jia zhan heaven fell pie.

8:li soft-2014 olympic winter games in sochi, the women's 500 m short track speed skating gold

top three fall at the same time, li soft not disorderly, defeat

review:the women's 500 m short track speed skating has always been china's advantage, but at that time china's world record holder in wang meng injured not competing, the world's second fan can be new fall accident out heats, the world's top two players wang meng and fan can be new surprise exits, give priority to with 1500 meters of li soft reimbursing, temporary training of 500 meters, in the case of underdog into the final, final, li soft start is not well in the last place, in the short track speed skating competition, the start is very important, the top three players have in front of lock li soft hover, as endurance game players, li soft has no chance, she can only follow behind the top three players, wait for opportunity, and the miracle happened just after a circle of south korea, italy and britain the three players on the hog for turn all fall, li soft unexpectedly won the gold medal.

a netizen wrote:"slip british girl christy not only itself, but also the italian shovel, before finally leave pulled a handful of south koreans, lift the chien is soft.she is better than the last miss, adjoining the gold medals of american shooting hand emmons still be loved.miss her that is not only itself, but also all the other players getting dead."

meaning:li soft on the additional qualifications, unexpected gold, as after the match, the chinese speed skating champion yang yang said, the result even dare not even think about soft for china won the first gold medal of sochi, also keep the chinese delegation to malaga on the short track speed skating team competition with south korea, china did win one more round.after watching the game, i like his pick up to ten thousand yuan, hiding in the corner is to smile.

li yan coach tears of

this is small make up own summary list, if there is any discrepancy, please correct me a lot.the rankings are all chinese athletes to create the magic reversal, with the title and two word to exaggerate the subjects in china, so i can't join, please understanding.i'll points a week review of china's sports great moment for everyone.please pay attention to me, thank you!

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