the league of shock happened: finally knight lakers get little thomas was leave

the los angeles lakers continue to shuffle squad will jordan-and larry south clarkson, sent to the cleveland cavaliers.

according to espn walter god:isaiah thomas and channing frye and cavaliers first sign was sent to the lakers.

after the completion of the deal, the lakers are going to leave a small thomas and fry.

the first round sign will help the lakers reconstruction process, and small thomas is a focal point in the deal.he struggled in the cavaliers' first season.averaged from 28.9 points straight away when the celtics last season to 14.7 points.

small thomas in cleveland last

he also accused of need for the cavaliers league ranked 29th responsible defensive efficiency.when the thomas in the field of the cavaliers' defensive allowed 118.6 points per hundred round, when the small thomas end, reduce the cavaliers lose points to 108.2 points.

larry is a powerful striker, averaged 8.6 points, the court can defend multiple locations.when facing south, defense, opponents fell 3% on threes, 15 feet shot fell by 5.3%.

for the lakers, small thomas will become a free agent at the end of the season, so if the lakers chose not to and small thomas contract, they don't need to worry about carrying a big makes the lakers have cap space in pursuit of big players this summer.

the cavaliers have a long-term contract, helped the lakers cleaned up the salary space, opened a free agent in 2018 to los angeles.the cavaliers are gambling on the move to let james stay.

three significant details for the lakers is:in 2018 or 2019, they had signed two contracts paid salary space;they got this year's first round sign;have a small thomas and fry, let the lakers got some opportunities in the remaining season.

clarkson, 25 years old, and the lakers spent his first three and a half seasons, now left the reconstruction of the lakers, join in the finals for three consecutive years of the cavaliers, averaging 14.5 points this season, and 3.3 assists.

in the offseason clarkson and the lakers signed a four-year,$50 million contract in the contract for now all over the sky flying conditions, is quite a bargain.

small thomas clarkson will replace in the cavaliers' position, this might give him more space for development.

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