more young energetic!knight changed out wade overnight to return to the sad place!

the famous american basketball reporter woj send twitter said this year's nba player market encounter cold, many teams the exits and that the fans feel this year may not be too exciting midseason trades, the cavaliers have put a big hold, continuous deals at once cleared, will be injured or are old player off, can return for more young energetic players, this not only let the team renewed impact the confidence of the championship, also may reassure lebron james left, is really a good operation.

in before operation, the cavaliers and lakers to trade, with a team of 2018 in the first round of sign and channing frye and isaiah thomas for small larry south and jordan-clarkson.junior-fry once marginalized in this season, as the role of a veteran, he is more a perimeter shooting open space, but for the present stage the cavaliers did little;isaiah thomas in owen's trading came to the cavaliers, have half of the season injury return after the effect is not good, could not hide his cavaliers system vulnerabilities in defense, so labeled as a sequence of the team more than 20 first round sign can get younger and clarkson, too many on the attacking team has not weakened, but is to enhance the sports ability.

next, the cavaliers made a three big deal, off the iman-sweet potter and jade-claude, got good and inexpensive striker from the jazz rodney-hood, and from the kings got the presents and some frustrated dual-energy guard george hill.the kings got veteran, joe-johnson and potter, while the jazz got claude and veteran derek ross.after the wave of liquidation team, the cavaliers backcourt"two big patient"ross and thomas have already left, with younger and healthier george hill and clarkson, hood is a reliable pitcher, who boom under 30 points a game as a substitute for single, and incense potter is not so good this season, off isn't too bad, but some regret is off the game tough cloud, but it is also necessary.

in the end, the cavaliers made a startling trading:a close friend of james dwyane wade-being sent back to the miami heat, price is only a closely guarded second-round draft picks.this deal and has nothing to do with reinforcing, be to younger team lineup, sell a feelings at the same time,"wade's home", but wade will really appreciated?had left miami's dwyane wade for the bulls, is torn by this team.he joined the cavaliers last summer, with james and to continue to"brother"basketball, collusion championship, now only half of the season would put people back to the place where the war, don't know wade in the mind is what kind of feeling at the moment.

changeable, instantaneous cavaliers team big different, young, energetic, but they really can reforming morale of championship?

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