a split only with thousands of annual salary?the bad weather nba franchise might pick up a bargain!


the clippers louis williams and the team to reach a contract in advance, the contract amount is amazing.clippers can leave took only 3, 24 million, the last year or part of the security, salary and even$7.5 million this season.you know, williams data this season ushered in the outbreak.he averaged 23.3 points and 2.5 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 1.1 steals, is the leading scorer, clippers contenders also the nba's sixth man.23+5, 8 million annual salary contract, such a bargain, the clippers can be said to be money.

a lot of fans may not understand, nba teams is not enough money?when the new broadcast after contract become effective, each team to come up with big hard hit a free agent in the contract, is averaging 15+6 conley can take 30 million.warriors 3 years contract iguodala$48 million m last year, now he is averaging only 5.5 points.why it's 23 rovio can only take 8 million+5?this really can't blame others, can only blame he missed the good time.the nba did quite generous, but two years ago stuff by then.over the past two years, at the turn of old and new agreements that team's hand has a lot of salary space, don't take out to sign is wasted.but after two years of profligacy, most teams now are not rich, can take out signing space is not large, so it is difficult to get a high salary.in the same way, the current in the rockets played very good card peralta, he wanted to pursue a top stars.but in the condition of the teams in the nba this year, i'm afraid to get 1200-18 million is the best results.for the rockets, this undoubtedly is a major positive.the rockets don't want a big contract, card peralta is sure to go.but now that other teams also could not give too much of a contract, so stay in houston rockets, should be a good choice.

of course, if that's the garage and such a superstar, less any time can handstand.don't get high salary, and he also has a lot to do themselves.first of all, his position is the sixth man, the core of the second unit.although he can hit the data, but has never been as core team players to develop.team isn't likely to a substitute high-paying, crawford almost led the middle, life is experience.and manu ginobili and the highest salary, career is only 14 million.

again, is the defensive.although scoring ability strong, rovio's defense has been floating clouds.team scored while counting on him, but also to put up with his defense, that's why he can only hit the sixth person.another problem is the age, lvmh is 32(chinese) 31 years old this year, career has basic finalize the design.age in here, both in the clippers and other nba teams, will not give him offer high salary.even so, williams will feel i was satisfied with the contract.

there should always be exceptions to the rule, however, some people's luck is good to the extraordinary, such as the cavaliers j.r.smith.in 2016, jr was 30 years old, and now the rovio is almost the same age.that year, he averaged 12.8 points and 2.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, but got 4 years a$57 million contract.first of all, this is because after the cavaliers won in reward.second, and lebron james help very much.it is said that in the beginning, the cavaliers are rejected.jr, this man was the knicks as dumped rubbish gratis, everyone knows that he has a problem, is not willing to signed a big contract with him about.but hold james said.james think, everybody is a champion with brother, total want to look after.so the cavaliers to jr's new, how about the result?sure enough into the contract.

so, jr, thanks to james for a lifetime, no james, he may have retired now.of course, still have to thank tryon-lou, and still is a starter this team main force.louis williams and card peralta, since there is no help, will have to accept the fact.two years ago, nba teams spend money too hard, so don't have money to spend this year.so, want to pursue big contract players this summer, i'm afraid to be disappointed.so the card peralta, you from the houston rockets.

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