curling mixed doubles china stealing points successful experience magic plot overtime victory over south korea won the first win

beijing time late february 8 on the curling of the 2018 winter olympics pyeongchang took the lead in the second leg of the round robin the just-concluded mixed doubles china against south korea and china in the case of a big lead is narrowly south korea complete reversal, 8 than 7 wins finally win first addition, the united states lost 4 to 6 to canada, russia's olympic team 4 than 3 narrowly beat norway, switzerland, 7-6 victory over finland won two wins in a row.

the curling mixed doubles first used in the round robin shuangsaizhi a day, eight teams through four teams into the knockout round robin, and ultimately through the knockout directly decide the final this morning's game, the chinese team in overtime than 7 5 defeat world champion switzerland, regret not having led, while south korea 9 throw in the towel ahead of 4 force finland won.

this against old rivals south korea, the first bureau, bud xin in the fourth throw great blow, he removed directly by the strike on a line of south korea a barrier pot and a circle, and directly to your own pot in the warehouse.since then, south korea's mistakes, while the bard xin played a beautiful strike in a row, the chinese team made a 2-0 dream start.the second inning, bud xin intentions to make glue pot but failed to set aside the opportunity, south korea's men seized the moment in the third finished playing, throwing a clear off the two pot in the china warehouse.the bureau end, bud xin is also a clear off two pots, wang rui is put in the last throw chose 1 points of precession, china 2-1 lead.

the third, south korea's mistakes, mistakes after the fourth throw surprise they met with china's pot and was sentenced to toss pot is invalid, the number of pot in the china home to five, and by wang rui final finish beautiful 3 points, 5 to 1 lead.the fourth, bud xin will toss in a third chinese pot of precise screw into the center of the circle, the only line around are all surrounded by other pot of the palm.last throw wang rui stick pot power while some big, but south korea ai-zhi zhang last throw the same mistakes, the chinese team julio cruz steal 1 points, at 6 to 1.

after the rest of the fifth, the layout of the south korea by excellent results have been achieved, the last throw ai-zhi zhang played wang rui placeholder pot, and in a station 4 points, the score was chasing to 5 to 6.sixth, south korea third roll accidentally ran into his own lines, a pot, wang rui last straw also slightly mistakes only 1 points, bureau, china's leading points, 7 to 5.seventh, south korea at the end of the first four pot again form the base for china to contain three pot, after bud xin after left no success has formed the strike will play far this penghu-glance, south korea also encountered the sealing lines placeholder pot of precession failure, in the end, though china put the opponent scored 2 well keeps the cause in the last game.

decider, bud xin 4 throw a serious mistake, he intended to remove simple opponent central placeholder pot didn't hit, but will play out his own circle pot of warehouse, then wang rui last straw, there is a fatal mistake, to win his capital in the face of simple sling or dozen of her playing jilt the strength is too large to let their own pot of slip out of the warehouse, the game came to fight again.fight, this is has the advantage for the cause of south korea is particularly successful men throw the shot 5, every broken china central placeholder and batted the stronghold of the pot, but at the last minute plot deflection, south korea's spin on the ball mistakes let china lived steal 1 points, eventually china 2-1 with 7 8 scored the first win of the winter olympics.

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