stomp points!the san antonio spurs director phoenix massacre!


this ball do you dare to believe?when the short general spurs meet the squad's not the same the sun, a long-simmering massacre is coming!open the outbreak pattern of the san antonio spurs up attack wave is a wave of 9 0 stopped the sun, they dug a pit team pride of incredibly forgot to bring my shovel, 28 first quarter than 9 high score directly let game into a waste of time!

fat, it's been a tough, 23 points and 14 rebounds and 4 assists.10 in 14 shots!

under the bombardment of the spurs all strengthened, while it is in dying sun, but in the face of system perfect the spurs can only see the gap is bigger.the spurs filling holes in the second quarter will lead to 40 points, once created a team record history biggest margin!at the end of the half, the spurs with a 69-31 leading 38 points, saw this scene, explain the suns didn't review the ball, the stands and catcalls.

jasmine in the second quarter hurt, but is called flints, no big problem.

lost the suspense as early in the game, people look forward to become the spurs will win in this game, how many points.great san antonio clearly didn't disappoint the fans, the third section perimeter offense fully open, direct wave machinegun fire of the sun's intensive offensive defense into a the dominance of the massacre, the spurs on the tactics of a variety of possible future use, and the sun can only follow the spurs to the rhythm of the toes.sun players how hope this game end soon, but the time cracked a joke with them, when the third section the san antonio spurs to a 97-50 at the end of the 40 points, phoenix people wish this is the final whistle.

the old manu sao wave base again today, eight points 2 rebounds 2 assists and efficiency value of 29!

nightmare continues, however, in the fourth quarter of the spurs still don't give the home side face.they started more crazy performance, mills into shoots and mode, to 50 points left!finally, the game appeared, the biggest margin 52 points!the sun is completely hit meng, game for them, long before the two is over.see the sure-thing, gregg popovich also happy to clock out drinking, change into three team away altogether.but long out of derek and brandon paul white people have no desire to pass this chance like the abuse of food, have been.home fans are going to go out, the dj inspiration seemed faint sound, finally in the last 7 seconds of the game, with the sun in their anger dunk over this more than two hours, also score in 129 than in 129.the spurs finally for the long trip made a good start, also let two defeats at home of old guys to regain the confidence.

iron perimeter firing again today, lin scored 17 points didn't how to play!

the spurs to win the game is so easy, in addition to the sun damage the absolute core german booker for this reason, but also because the old man gregg popovich has solved the spurs attack decisively enough problems of the offensive end.spurs player rotation system today is very smooth, powerful execution as they brought innumerable cut open shots and the basket empty opportunity, classic block even split, double cover tactical execution were all points, regardless of the score, so offensive san antonio is the impression of the champion team!

this is the most terrible, he can shift!

all in all to the san antonio spurs the bigger the better, because after the all-star, there will be a big help boxing is regression!

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