harden impact the rockets opened the road to win mvp but housekeeper of the nba season is over!

the mvp race this season, now seems to have little suspense!james harden the rockets, there is a strong possibility after twice into second place, in his ninth season, won the trophy this symbol of the individual's highest honor.and, the rockets on harden, officially launched a shock to the championship.

beijing time on february 8, the rockets away to douse the miami heat 109-101, won six straight.today's game, in the face of how also dozen deathless of heat, the rockets trevor ariza, anderson and small gordon three stars who can't play.although the rockets once by 17 points in the second quarter, but as a substitute for the first time all-star della ji led with a wave of super kickback, even surpassed the score in the third quarter.

critical moment, harden finally appear like the saviour.13 of his 23 shots, 5 of 12 three-point shots, hit 10 of 12 scored 41 points 6 assists 4 rebounds and 3 steals the universal data.in the first quarter, harden scored 16 points.in the final moment, harden two difficult individual performances, one-on-one hit opponents from step 3, to kill the game.

so far this season, harden is averaging 31.3 points, ahead of the league in scoring the second letter brother 27.9 points gap is huge.yesterday, in the face of the nets, harden became the first grade 09 draft career break through 15000 points mark for the player.in the prediction of all kinds of media, beard are favourites for the mvp!

eastern situation is complicated in the league-knight domestically, the celtics, after all, young;the west side of the warrior close state, yesterday has just been a thunder hammer, suffered two consecutive defeat;the spurs this year not in the best shape, leonard missing for a long time.at present, the rockets are just 0.5 games faint behind the warrior.and in front of three meetings, the two-a leading.with combination of bulb rockets and saw the impact championship hopes!

but, for the rockets the chinese player housekeeper, his nba debut season, should have ended...

at the rockets had six straight, hits a championship, kevin has once again came to the development league.kevin yesterday in the match playing viper team, reserves for 19 minutes, 4 of 6 shots, free throws made(2) 1, contributed nine points 5 rebounds 2 blocks, but the serpent 117-123 defeat to the sun.

this is kevin don't know how many times this season was down!and he has missed the best chance to prove myself!for a period of time before the rockets disabled full camp, kevin also in the game against the wizards, for the first time in the regular rotation at his time.but kevin botched his in the game, housekeeper three shots are outside the three points, but failed to hit, even didn't into two free throws.on 12 minutes, made the big devil king harvest only 1 backboard 1 mistake 3 fouls, coupled with a button has been relentless yan!wizards, and the rockets to a 103-121 rout a five-game losing streak!

after the interview, said kevin embarrassed-i wasn't ready, before does not know into the regular rotation.

after the game, kevin never appeared on the nba arena!and the rocket's"casual","firefighters"gerard, green became the team's main substitute.

as fans in china, has a special feelings for the rockets.we would like to see the rockets win, want to see the harden to get the mvp, also hope that the only active player of nba china can have a satisfactory performance.

for kevin, when the opportunity came to life out of desperate efforts to assert their commonly!

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