so cross!paul games for the whole season rocket changed the league for the first nine point guard?


with the wind swept up the league of the houston rockets, the rockets in 14 games and 12 is the union of the team.when warriors into fatigue period woodenly facing the road trip, and the cavaliers bad to tryon-lu woke up every day will face a team trade rumors, the houston rockets are well to win a series of the wave of schedule, the warriors, the spurs and cavs impressively in the column.

victory over the miami heat, the rockets road harvest row record followed by warriors, only 0.5 games behind the warriors.clay-thompson in the golden state warriors loss to the thunder team after the game he said:", we are really going to strive for some things, because the rockets are now more negative number and the rest of, we want to treat them like the last game every game..."

cole jokingly clay remember ranking

to say, the rockets recently, much attention has been paid to really have a lot to do with the warriors.the rockets regular season two win over the warriors, the key of the third war personnel neat, the rockets won in a matchup of comparable to the playoffs.after that, the rockets were seen as most likely to put an end to the warriors team in the west, and a wave of strong, james harden and go in and be most likely to lock the mvp player.

to be able to play a strong performance, is to the rockets is not easy.d 'antoni is dependent on the fixed staff rotation system, the rockets during the staff is not neat, eric gordon, trevor ariza and ryan-anderson has missing in such a case, the rockets still bring union repeatedly surprise,"bulb"combination is much more powerful than was thought.

bulb combination drew league tone-one

james harden with help, he also no longer need to do each game, instead, the rockets' game easier, james harden have further improve efficiency.due to the ability of the three-point shots, james harden's true shooting percentage of 54.7%, this season for the rockets have the best season.this efficiency value is 30.1, but also a career best.

can have such performance, without chris paul's help.since joining the rockets, chris paul quickly adapt to the rhythm of the rockets, he himself was the ball high players, has been questioned with james harden fusion problem did not the heat end of the trip, james harden again mentioned paul:"...have a player chris(paul), what he had been in, his iq is very high, it makes my job a lot easily, so a win tonight again, to go home."

chris paul has some changes than last season

compared to last season, chris paul had certain progress from beyond the arc to join the rockets do as the romans do become a fact, paul's 3-pointer ability is not bad, just his stronger investment ability, the ability of 3-pointers by partly recent years, following the union attack trend and rhythm, chris paul 3-point shots to increase unceasingly, the rockets are in the best season.

after the heat, chris paul played 35 games for the rockets this season, has hit 98 3-pointers.don't small can't see the 100 three-pointers, chris paul before entering the league after nine seasons, and no season can achieve this number.until the union of 10 seasons, paul didn't hit more than 100 three-pointers in a single season.

with chris paul hit 2.8 threes to calculate this season, despite the missed nearly 20 games, paul personal three-point shots hit single season record will remain.

garage and paul whether west never meet each other?

chris paul and james harden is a defender, when their partner, the ball allocation problem did not become the shackles of the rockets.two star players know how to let each other coexist in the game, they will not affect the outcome of the game because of the credit."that's why we've been together in the summer, we can cooperate with each other, so that at the last minute of the game, we will still have strength, this is a great feeling, see a critical moment in the fourth quarter, our strength is still good."chris paul says.

the rockets changed the former league first point guard?to chris paul, did not he is changing the rockets.

(text/no david tang yan)

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