the sentient beings have righteousness coach!rancor li ran to send mr chen ling eyes were red with crying

the guangdong tigers basketball club founder mr chen's memorial service was held today in dongguan, a lot of people come to see me off, yao, chairman of the china basketball association, the guangdong tigers of the manager, coaches and players, unexpected is thousands of miles away lin shu spring river and su wei, have come here to attend the memorial service, the net friend give evaluation, the height of a spring river, said he is a flesh and blood, sentient beings a righteous man!

talking about spring river, his deep ties with the guangdong tigers, as early as 26 years ago from liaoning south guangdong joined the guangdong tigers, and yun-long huang, guandeyou and yong-jun zhang after formed the tigers.the private teams, together with other provinces for the team to participate in the chinese basketball professional league(serie a is called early) spring river is the father of tigers dynasty and witness, after he took the helm of yong-jun zhang relief to the guangdong tigers won seven league titles and a champion of the national games, so far, the spring river is also won the most titles in the cba coach coach.has said he is"the chinese first coach", has said he is"the cba coach phil jackson,"i don't think no matter how people praise him too much.

however, such a coach, on january 6, 2013, was declared due to body no longer served as the team head coach.back soon, as the spring river again also proves that the"illness"is a lie.don't spring river is just lost due to a championship call it a day?if you have this unwritten rules, why someone on tigers manager post for three or four years with the championship is held"hook yutai"?if there is no"waves", a school of harmony, spring river is absolutely will not leave the tigers.the spring river each individual heart all know the real reason for class '.

a eight crown in the hand of the coach, suddenly fired, he has suffered huge blow how?in those days of the agonies of his heart is how?the frustration and pain can only know spring river himself.spring river before leaving the tigers to zhejiang in the evening, it was chen lin boss by guangdong a media blessing sent spring river.the spring river don't live up to the expectations of former boss lin shu, now lead the metal stand out, become one of the favourites to win.

in the busy training and competition, spring river all the way to dongguan participated in mr chen's memorial service, for once the boss lin shu on the final leg.a spring river led to dongguan after the game, through the media expressed nostalgia and thank to mr lin shu memorial service today, spring river eyes were red with crying, is really touching.usually people only see spring river severely running side, only to see him on the pitch roar players and referees, but don't know his iron tender one side.hit, was forced back, but the spring river rancor, attended the memorial service lin shu, still is a sentient beings a righteous iron coach.

one day in the future, we hope that the spring river back again of tigers.

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