diving queen marry a big old man very happy children born lucky face kneel billionaire husband love her

after the sydney olympics in 2000, the diving queen fu mingxia farewell to sports, in 2002, fu mingxia, 24, married to the age of 50 hong kong financial secretary antony leung kam-chung, had been greatly.over the past 15 years, however, when people see a fu mingxia recently, is a very happy family of five, had critics has been very quiet.

fu mingxia and husband antony leung kam-chung

fu mingxia was the most dominant diving queen, the chinese diving team in 1992 barcelona olympics, 14, fu mingxia won the gold medal in the women's 10-meter platform, and become the youngest champion in the history of the olympic games.

fu mingxia 14 gold

1996 atlanta olympic games, she won two gold, becoming the first in the history of the chinese olympic diving board double.the 2000 olympics in sydney, fu mingxia the 3 m springboard gold medals.fu mingxia into fame big, strong strength, and high levels in appearance, have a good temperament.

fu mingxia and guo jingjing

fu mingxia has had a relationship with beijing guoan player in the south.in 1995, fu mingxia under the introduction of"brother"fan4 zhi4 yi4 met south, took a liking.since then, fu mingxia and south has been photographed together to watch.during their love, the media reported fu mingxia was involved in the so-called"ecstasy"event, the reputation of fu mingxia severely affected.low, however, is the south took good care of her and the south like a big brother inclusive love me forever, i feel i am spoiled princess."

fu mingxia and southern

1999 years later, the southern state of decline, fu mingxia in tsinghua university, restore physical training, preparing for the sydney olympics.this period of time, two people feeling some subtle, sometimes about southern fu mingxia, fu mingxia due to reasons such as push to take off in training.at the end of 1999, fu mingxia and south a meet privately agreed to career more, feelings aside in advance.unexpectedly, after two people is more and more pale, dropped to this relationship.

in march, 2001 in grand hyatt hong kong fu mingxia to"outstanding leaders"awards, and then hong kong financial secretary antony leung kam-chung of meeting.fu mingxia later to review what happened:"mr leung sat beside me, may see me sat a fullness, he took out an electronic notebook, very kindly and i play the game of the built-in.maybe i'm stupid, always learn not to come, and the first inning died...i think he is a funny man, because he know how to speak, to make me and attitude is very friendly..."

first met

mr leung was one of the best talents of hong kong chinese business circle, however, in 1998, she and his ex-wife tan shufen divorce, no children, then spread the news of his pursuit of popular actor flora chan of hong kong.

the goddess flora chan hong kong dramas with antony leung kam-chung spread gossip

and fu mingxia parents highly in favor of the first daughter with mr leung, fu mingxia, after all, was only 23 years old, and antony leung kam-chung is 49 years old, bigger than fu mingxia for 26 years old, he only 2 years younger than fu mingxia's father.fu mingxia parents firmly opposed, and even threat if the daughter to associate with antony leung kam-chung, like daughter.

however, the greater the pressure, the greater the rebound, fu mingxia and antony leung kam-chung feelings rather rapidly warming, decided to get married after 1 year.arm ao however thighs, fu mingxia's parents don't support, but also without blocking has grown daughter decided to his life home to return.in july 2002, their wedding in hawaii is very low-key, no big banquets, only family and friends to attend.


a lot of people say fu mingxia is greedy, in order to marry into life easy to choose an old man.but in fact fu mingxia was is darling advertising agency, in 2001, had the domestic media assert that fu mingxia worth about 15 million yuan or so.fu mingxia denies, but admits his present wealth is 7 digits, and the truth"will try to 8 digits together".

when it comes to why mr leung, fu mingxia, said:"i don't lack of money, i just want to find a mature man, he must have the sense of responsibility and the dedication to work, you can share a lot of things for me, and have him on, i can be a lot easier."

fu mingxia filled with attachment

antony leung kam-chung said carefully:"i and the chardonnay with age gap, a period of time has become the focus of among yourselves.i've been worried about this problem, and the chardonnay also talked, but mr xia said that age is not a gap, love is beautiful."

it is interesting to note that mr leung on an economic bbs such self-mockery:"online are scold, take a diving queen why want to find a old man.but yang zhenning nobody said i came out."


after the marriage, fu mingxia and her husband lived together into the repulse bay banshanshang a villa apartment, in order to protect the privacy of individuals and other residents of the apartment, she refused to let the film crew filming her live in the building and inside the bedroom.fu mingxia's home and no giants as luxury, here far away from downtown, mountain.nearby is asia's richest man li ka-shing's private.

in 2003 and 2004, fu mingxia son gave birth to her daughter, chongqing, hao jia, in may 2008, fu mingxia junwei gave birth to son home for her husband.a family of five in harmony.

the eldest daughter

fu mingxia like to admiralty pacific place and central mall shopping boutique, maternity clothes shops in central formes france during pregnancy in maternity clothes bought ten thousand yuan.antony leung kam-chung porsche shuttle wife opened more than 200 ten thousand yuan, fu mingxia oneself will open more than 60 of the white land cruiser.

although a filipino maid in the home, but insisted on cooking fu mingxia.for more than 10 years old start eating spoil sports dining room for her, cook was once the most headache thing.antony leung kam-chung specifically hired two dot philipino chores and diet, but the hostess think, buy food cooking is the most home life.in order to let the husband and children to eat fresh food, shopping has become an important work she every day.after send children to school every day, she will be around the long way, from the repulse bay to the fresh vegetables most of the happy valley in hong kong to buy food, she selected, pay to the stalls, pay hk$100 for husbands, sons and daughters of bone and lean meat soup to drink, also can give his daughter to buy her most like to eat papaya.carrying a small bag bag of philipino followed suit.

and friends buy vegetables

with the hong kong entertainment reporter said, local media has don't care about mr leung and fu mingxia, not because they don't have reported value, but two people"too low", each time get all of them are in buy vegetables.

shopping checkout

after the second child, a paparazzi figure haven't restore fu mingxia and antony leung kam-chung in central supermarket together.bought two bags of about hk$200 worth of chicken and pork, the couple came to choose organic food shelf.fu mingxia squatted down to take a shelf to the lower organic noodles, antony leung kam-chung stretch out his hand to stop, for fear of the just finished production wife run into the wound.antony leung kam-chung knelt on the ground for about 5 minutes, took a pack of hk$75 japan organic noodles and a box of wafer.


when the children grew up, fu mingxia had more time, she began to learn to play the piano and dancing, also under the influence of mr leung attended public endorsement for charity.

asked now have to play the diving?fu mingxia said no, even swimming very little.being asked to cultivate children diving?fu mingxia said:"i hope they when movement is interested in, is not a game, don't have to be very professional, try anything, don't like me will only diving, other are not goozyet."

running with the husband and wife

not long ago, china's diving dream team charity was held in hong kong, fu mingxia and guo jingjing came to live with his family, with two other diving queen, diving team ji-hong zhou left precious group photo, lost in paradise.

guo jingjing, lost in paradise, ji-hong zhou and fu mingxia

now 39, fu mingxia obvious fat, many netizens sigh with emotion:fu mingxia, the goddess of the childhood ah, how so?

although the plump than the others, but fu mingxia skin is very good, mental state is very good.

fu mingxia fat

the husband though antony leung kam-chung is 65 years old, but look very young, looks and is not much difference.

now, he is also doing some mainland investment, and increase the strategic investment of 1 billion yuan, in august to help expand from even the acute phase after medical health service platform construction.

mr leung

now the eldest daughter 14 years old, the oldest son 13 years old, the younger son was seven years old, the family of five people sitting in the stands, fu mingxia appreciate the younger the dual water men's women's diving and swimming rhythm performance, look quite into god, also occasionally and friends explanation diving action, it seems very enjoy.

fu mingxia a

when the teacher elder sister school sister fu mingxia and guo jingjing also took the children together, the scene is very warm.as a sports star, retired after marry into still so happy, let a person admire they had chosen the right person!

two diving for the next generation of

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