a break?james grab for the fall on the ground by the tryon le hu lu ignore small smile also make a face


you unawares, first time instant collapse, the knight was ringing off the hook.face fewer lowry and barca raptors, knight again more than 30 points behind in the race, ultimately defeat of 34 points.in the face of consecutive rout, james is really angry, is called all the players in the second quarter, presented in loud reminder of his teammates.but the game, the knight's three points is not to force, teammates more feel is very poor, james band.

on defeat the timberwolves, 28 minutes a game, the game was close to 40 points behind, the knight the team's problems.away against the raptors, knight neat, and the raptors lack the barca and lowry, the squad is not neat.but, the process of game or knight a lose lose, the raptors played at ease at home.knight only six points behind, in the first section of this is good.

in the second quarter, knight instant collapse, and hit the timberwolves, can not be into the attack, defensive guard, the raptors reserves the knight out of the water.the section 3 minutes 23 seconds left, james nu, in the face of 24 points behind the gap, in suspension, james some excitement and all the players to do the communication, reminding teammates loudly, the sound more like a was presented.did not find at that time, the camera tryon lou, james turns into guidance, zhan and tryon lou is embarrassing.james himself after the pause strengthens the singles, but his teammates didn't improve too much, half knight 26 points behind, and the rhythm of the fiasco.

look at the data, starting in addition to james scored more than 10 points, the remaining four starters scored 9 points, only the small thomas and jr smith is 0, 0 in small thomas is only 10.knights of the third quarter, as the last struggle, james continuously into the paint, he does get a lot of, had to draw only 23 points, but i still can't change the big picture.the raptors, and knights feel is still very poor, this space and thomas smith a into three points, the hope of coming back knight can't see.

in the third quarter, when james defense is tile lanqiu, after face to the ground, on the ground and wept bitterly, tryon lou doing this time?he looked at the other direction, didn't see james, perhaps this is also a signal.interestingly, james guide teammates video spread quickly, and former cavaliers take charge of pg owen also give a video thumb up.knight, tryon lou job, if the downturn, this knight in estimation to enter the countdown, and james is key.

small game, the knight to lose more and more, more than 30 points, is at the end of the game and there are 5 minutes 5 seconds, knight 33 points behind, the lens to the sidelines james, james easily constantly touching his beard, even a fan of the smile, don't know what he was thinking.soon, the lens to tryon lou, tryon lu also deadpan.the final moment, james rather easily, also suspected to whistle made faces and two consecutive lost 25 points, this was the first time in the era of james knight, the lens often give to james and tryon lou, knight the princes of the crisis, may be.

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