hit!strongest so-called gap and owen so much contract has completely ruined

cavaliers against the raptors on road, it is a battle between the second and third nba eastern, unexpectedly became a massacre.99-133, the cavaliers lost whole 34 points.all the players in the cavaliers, overall performance, small thomas, one of the worst is just to return.the match, thomas 2 of 15 shots, in his first 11 shots, none.

the cavaliers of the first half, is simply a tragedy.isaiah thomas feel is very poor, open shots, breakthrough in constantly hit cap.and in the defense, he and jr smith is the key point of each other i.because of physical weakness, small thomas has been the call a great breakthrough.whether offensive or defensive, he fell into the dilemma.

this performance, it is hard to accept cavaliers fans.this is the last season, averaging 29 points, scored the best squad two array star defender?the cavaliers and celtics traded, a lot of people be outraged by an injustice for small thomas is undervalued.he is same level as the owen's defender, even stronger than owen last season.but little thomas+claude+first-round draft picks, day after day, can change to owen, the cavaliers also eldest brother don't want to.this has fully demonstrated the value of two people, small injury, thomas has expired contract and does not reflect such a big gap between two people.

through the game, we seem to be able to understand why little thomas couldn't compared with owen.the celtics, stevens coach precision offense and defense system is established.attack, all the movement, all in the pick-and-roll, ran out of the opportunity, again by small thomas ride on it.in the defense, is also the overall defense, everybody help small thomas, compensate for the weaknesses in his defense.but in the cavaliers, everybody is standing pile, which have this kind of system?little thomas has to face everything alone wind and rain, he 175 height disadvantage, be exposed very thorough.

technically, small thomas belongs to a system of player.in particular, he can play the superstar's data.but left for his system, he soon lost her ring.but owen, owen just rely on talent to singles, you can get in any team is averaging 20 points.under the system of bad, he can be selfish.but in a good system, he can also play better.that is to say, michael owen and small thomas, he does not depend on system in action.this is why the celtics even saucepans for owen.is why michael owen in eastern all-star ballot in the back first, while small thomas after so much suffering.

in the same way, with little thomas from celtic to the cavaliers jay cloud, is also a system of players.before, he is considered to be the best 3 d, can throw three points, also can defend, contract and cheap.but played for so long in the cavaliers, decreased from 13.9 points last season to 13.9 points, fell to 40% from 30% on threes.and the most prized defensive ability, also not meet expectations.the two celtics specialist, left the stevens coach's system, seems to have gotten won't play.

i respect very much little thomas, his huge pressure in the playoffs last season, tell us what is the true warrior.he is the strongest surface 175, his passion and vigor, is also the wealth of the team.but we have to face the reality, that is, small thomas may be difficult to get a big contract.under the suitable for his system, he can really broke into a huge amount of energy.but the problem is, left the celtics, no coach is sure to bring him a suitable system.so, we can understand, after being traded little thomas is so angry.because he knows that, left to shape their own team and the coach, he could no longer return to the top of hard.now thomas, is like a microcosm of the cavaliers.their future is lost, very embarrassed.

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