rice lu back to youth!football association was enlarge recruit fans nu dui please back krautzun eckhard is not better


rice lu back!

rice lu

16 years, the rice lu again to accept the invitation of the chinese football association, but this time is the chinese football association youth adviser.the football association hope that he can discover some more chinese football"good prospect".

rice lu

the football association is clearly hopes rice lu and lippi to use their own experience, boost the rapid development of chinese football.but, in fact, rice lu ability in the national team coach, advantage lies in the emphasis has been placed on the player's psychology, this actually is the team's weaknesses.happy football theory, just playing chicken blood ability, help the team's players and burden, so that they can play the usual level, and many coaches, players could only make 60% of capacity.

rice lu on the youth, don't seem to show particular draw experience.if you want to be, it can only be led by mexican team for the atlanta olympics in 1996.

for the most useful contribution to the chinese soccer academy, krautzun eckhard is most let's not forget for a moment the germans.

krautzun eckhard

world youth championship in 2005 made the most of chinese football in recent 10 years.2 to 1 defeat turkey, 3-2 victory over the ukraine, panama, the only 4 to 1, 3 victories flowing, offensive to mercury, the fans could not believe his eyes, this is the team in china.

even double-header with adler, matip led by germany, the green also lead twice, the final 2 to 3 lost.with lionel messi, john mikel obi was fifa world youth championship as 14 big star.zhu ting, chen tao and zhao xuri scored very beautiful and astonishing is.

surprising is that after the fifa world youth championships, head coach krautzun eckhard has been fired.

krautzun eckhard

eckhard krautzun said later, since 2005, i didn't see the chinese football association made a right decision, the wrong choice is then once at a time.

actually, krautzun eckhard is a german person of stubborn, especially of choose and employ persons, he is not a cold, dong fangzhuo football association but with dong fangzhuo, later proved it all.

krautzun eckhard should be the most short-lived state team in the history of chinese football manager.world youth championship 2005, krautzun eckhard rate only for eight weeks, but he is confident, and put forward the famous"'s 12", tell the team member, strictly implement will succeed.he succeeded.this is the chinese fans of the reason why he not forget for a moment.

fans said, make youth, most qualified is eckhard krautzun, the kingdom of the green, flowing, he played!

there are fans said, is this mountain two tigers?this is a courtier once you?again want to monkey around?

there are many fans watch the rice lu, a world-class master of football to grasp the youth, and it is the 74-year-old old man, is worthy of respect!

what do you think?welcome comments.

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