marry m sun is a kind of experience?take a look at m wife is how to answer


the chinese men's basketball team has never been short of actually more than two meters tall, after all, more than the chinese!height is men's basketball team whether to choose one of the important conditions, china has a height of 10 cm higher than yao ming basketball player, he is the first giant sun.

sun is heilongjiang province to the core, because the height is outstanding, when the sun began to play basketball at the age of 15, then sun follow team during a visit to the united states, the united states noticed the problem of the sun, through inspection with sun gigantism, later in 2005, sun underwent surgery is no longer grow, so the sun after 36 2 meters in height remained.

although height advantage is obvious, but the sun's career is not brilliant like yao ming, wang zhizhi, have no dozen over what wonderful game, the audience remember also is only the sun's height.later because of injury, in 2013, sun announced his retirement, due to the size, the sun in comparison with the development of the entertainment circle is smooth, at least to eat and drink not sorrow.

in 2013, sun and height 1 meter 87 athletes xu yan married, two people combined with 4 m tall, so the sun xu yan became the world's tallest man and wife.that marry to 2 meters of 36 sun is a what kind of experience?xu yan is replied:"i choose the sun just think he is a man of steadfast, men should have advantages, he has to go to specifically sun very has the sense of responsibility, very family".sun and xu yan soon after getting married, have a lovely child, let us bless the family can always happy.

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