beckham said in an interview said he is now a second marriage but putting is remarried

we all know the family of david and victoria beckham is very enviable, they now have four children, the boys brooklyn, romeo and cruz each charm index is high, and the only daughter of seven almost is the darling of all over the world, few people would hate small seven, because small seven special lovely indeed, this is david beckham a happiness.a lot of people know that david and victoria beckham are married in 1999, when the wedding is really a sensation, but in the last year when beckham station interview said that he now had already is second marriage.

our impression of david beckham is a football genius, nor heard of him before meet victoria married, beckham said his second marriage refers to the original at the time of last year to win the four mother of victoria.only four children, but the wedding guest is in the home, so we heard david beckham said he was renovated the vows, turns out to be so.even beckham is second marriage, of course, i'm afraid a lot of people also can accept, after all, putting the victoria and david beckham married is remarried.

see here a lot of people should have more differences, the visibility is very high, after all, putting the sense that gives a person is always very high cold, in fashionable circle status is also very important, and and david beckham's love is also a lot of people witnessed, how is the second marriage?in fact we all know victoria's age is bigger than david beckham, and putting famous when beckham also is just a player, before that putting victoria formally marry his childhood sweetheart partner mark wood, but after the two men parted.beckham, of course, in those days"translation gate"incident is everyone knows.

so that love this thing on hold, made mistakes it doesn't matter, as long as willing to correct and put up their performance to speak in the future, people will recognise david and victoria beckham, and their happiness, people must be more firmly believe that the trust is how important.

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