cryotherapy nba players after the game quickly recover the secret weapon that bryant, james all love it

maverick carter is not just a good friend of lebron james, and his partner, according to him, james will spend nearly$1.5 million every year almost used to keep your body condition.he has a strict law of life, in the home also has a variety of equipment and professional staff to help he will always stay in the top state of bodily functions.

although it is a big investment, but it is really very good for james.compared with money on luxury goods, put the money to use on the body to maintain for them is an investment for future business.

just like a superstar lebron, willing to pay for his body in the nba, because they know that can help them in the fierce competition in the league has certain competitive recent years, a used to restore the body state of the equipment in the league in fashion, it is people's favorite, such as james cryotherapy.

cryotherapy of the implementation of the method is very simple, is to put the athletes in extreme low temperature in the cavity to keep 2-3 minutes.the chamber temperature as low as 150 degrees below zero, so the treatment of players must take professional protective equipment, so that they wouldn't frostbite of the fingers and is equivalent to a more upscale ice bath treatment, but the effect is much more powerful.cryotherapy can accelerate the injury healing, pain and fatigue, accelerate the decomposition of lactic acid, promote to eliminate inflammation, reduce muscle spasm, releases endorphins to speed up the body's recovery.

kobe bryant, shawn marion, jason terry, rashard lewis is cryotherapy and grant hill's early followers.during the 2011 playoffs, the mavericks will purchase this equipment is for each player to recover treatment after the game, it also help them eventually win over miami won the first in the history of the championship trophy.

now the technology has become very popular in the league, lebron, stephen curry, carl anthony downs, blake griffin, nickelodeon drew-jordan, harrison barnes, vince carter, ben simmons, nickelodeon tayloe russell, tobias-harris, stanley-johnson, javier-mackey, have this kind of equipment will become the essential links of their regular season long.

76 defender justin anderson said,"this method is very useful to i have gradually after the game did not have the aching feeling, because i did the right thing for your body.there are many benefits to do so.when you were in the cavity is really very cold, but three minutes passed quickly.then when you come out, the feeling is you have never experienced the pain."

the grizzlies forward jarrell-martin also sang high praise for this,"i tried for the first time after its effect was stunned, now whenever i feel sore or heavy legs, i'll try this i'm almost weekly cryotherapy.we have a such a device in memphis.i practiced so hard this summer, so i need to get my body in a good state.the trainer then recommended to us by the freezing treatment, the effects were incredible."

low temperature freezing cavity often frighten players, their bodies don't know how to face such an environment.lakers coach luke walton had warned its disciples,"the first feeling is one of the worst, your brain will tell you, you may be dead."

but the fact is, walton is a faithful believer of fact many team managers and coaches are very recommend this method, some teams would buy such equipment and to encourage the players to use.

currently working in the nuggets as a scout jia rider-jeffries once played for 11 seasons in the nba, he is accustomed to such new things also,"everyone will find their own means of recovery, each season is going to have so many games, so you have to try different ways to cater for one's own body.this requires a little imagination."

there are also people who believe that alliance culture is.once what what people claim to have good recovery effect, others quickly follow suit soon.such as stephen marbury ballet classes in the past, then is bath seemed a enduring therapy, but now cryotherapy appeared, will this traditional concept to new heights.the past typically ice bath first 3 minutes, then went to the khan steam for 3 minutes, so some people are still so.but the emergence of cryotherapy can be said to be the landmark.need only 2 and a half of the time, rather the effect of the ice bath for 1 hour, efficiency.

of course, cryotherapy can so popular, is also related to its good reputation.the player circles on it can be said to be the rave reviews, such as use after no longer feel pain, her body like been, naturally there are a lot of people willing to try in the league.

this is popular the another reason is that many veteran in the league is, proponents of this method, such as lebron, such as kobe bryant, so young people also want to give it a try.can actually do this before they the body appear obvious aging condition better repair, help them to keep a good state of early.

the age of 35 are still able to maintain a good state of players often have their own secret feelings, they are very clear the status of the body, and know how to do to keep high efficiency.they are willing to spend effort to spend time on your body, that is why they can withstand the test of the nba schedule all the year round.

if just like normal people to maintain the body, i'm afraid to 30 years old, was the training body may be unable to.the average person may not realize this.those at this age can healthy through the whole season, was true in the a lot of teams like received such a veteran, and let the young people around them will give the team a lot of good.and rarely to see young players in the league is not interested in these things, because who also don't want to wait until your body can't to go to.

if you have a machine can continuously to print money, will you not good for it?of course, you will be trying to get it in good working condition, and prolong the service life of as much as possible.for nba players, their body is such a printing press.

so, they must make sure you eat healthy food, take good care of oneself body state rather than let it appear problem.many young people in the training after quickly sat down to relax before their game consoles.though relax and not wrong, but if they can spend an hour more to stretch, a massage, or even try cryotherapy, in the long term, it will be very significant effect.

recently cryotherapy has even appeared in the development league teams training this technique, with the help of development of alliance and the gap between the edge of the nba bench people will become smaller and smaller.

according to coalition sources, and the nba development league players gap between formal players actually is not big.many development league players also very hard, try various ways to help improve competitive level.from the cryotherapy to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, all kinds of sports science and technology of black is their"weapons".if you are an nba player, you must not miss any chance to improve yourself, because there are more and more people want to get a job like you.

although not every player on themselves like james spend as much as$1.5 million for"maintenance", but a lot of nba players will spend quite a lot of funds to keep health.

recovery equipment, for example, a healthy diet and other related labour cost.even if not the top flight, like big3, for example, the players will spend a big cost to help their jermaine o 'neal, al harrington they hire massage therapists, they not only have to pay masseur hourly rate, but also burden masseur tour match with their travel expenses, it is actually a lot of spending.

anderson said,"you must learn to investment in yourself.this is also the first essence of learn after i came to the fact in other places, too, my cousin jie-bush rod in the nfl for 11 seasons, he always told me, also emphasizes the necessity of investment on themselves do.some people will pay big money to buy jewelry, and cars, but i chose the investment of my own, only in this way can i become better.i bought cryotherapy member, hired a personal trainer, even though they spent a lot of money, but i believe i will soon be able to earn back."

the old players and the coaches are now changing the cutting-edge technology to gasp in admiration, xavier, silas father james sellars has 2 in the past time in aba all-star, retired his number 13 shirt in san antonio.see his son's league now has so many advanced technologies, he also said he is very happy and envy.

small silas said."in the past, he always said,"you see we don't have these things in the past have also made remarkable achievement, but now he changed his views,"yo ho, i really hope that we have such a nice guy.and not just him, many of his old friends were also holds a similar father did his teammates and 'iceman', he always told me, 'you must make good use of your strengths.if we have these things!'they stunned by these technology products now, they also hope that we can benefit from it."

nowadays cryotherapy have become increasingly brought to the attention of the nba teams, many team after the game also gradually becomes a necessary link in the process of recovery.believe that as to further improve the sports science and technology, there will be more sports black science and technology into the players' daily, and service to higher levels of competition and the league.

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