active ten high-paying low-energy league all-star guard, last year, now than parsons pit

with the development of economy, the nba in 2014 signed a$24 billion in nine on the contract, league players have increased income, mr gave birth to a large number of one hundred million yuan.the contract is also a gamble for nba teams, players if can hit the corresponding value is happy, of course, if the unexpected that may affect the operation and development of a team for the next few years.underneath, small make up to you to sort out the nba player contract price this year, to see which belong to the"high pay low-energy"type player.

10, tristan thompson, 2017-18 annual salary of$16.4 today's absolute union 16.4 million annual salary is not high, but the season thompson is averaging only 4.9 points and 5.2 rebounds hand over grades, contribution to the team, since with kim kardashian fell sharply after the state, is no longer the total champion team's starting center.

9, evan turner, 2017-18 17.1 million.the gifted 76 second show weave all already, averaging 8.5 points this season+3 rebounds data can get this contract can only sigh the blazers boss paul allen trenches without human nature.

8, joakim noah, 2017-18 annual salary of$17.7 million.bull period of noah was once ranked fourth in the season mvp awards, winning best defensive player of the honorary, last season after being traded to the knicks with ross, more is seen as a contender, but in the end even failed to reach the playoffs, noah has long been plagued by injuries in recent years by the courage, averaged 1.7 points in six games this season+2 rebounds the embarrassment of the data.

7, alan carat than, 2017-18 annual salary of$19.3 the second round in 2013 averaging 11.5 points in the sequence of the players can play for 31 data can be proved, but then there is no progress, in the summer of last year was a contract of the nets to brooklyn, although the complete life counter attack, but also the high low energy.

6, ryan anderson, 2017-18 19.5 million.rocket was from new orleans with a maximum contract signed the perimeter anti-aircraft guns, in the summer of last year and put him on the ark are eager to sell, but no team flange willing to the player, averaged 10.4 points and 5.4 rebounds this season data while in game time can be put into three key points, but his ability is still far not worth now.

5, george hill, 2017-18 annual salary of$20 popovich most desired players, hill last season after the jazz play value, become the beacon of the free market last summer, but since joining the king perfunctory, intended to hit the playoffs king nor removed during the call, season hill is averaging only 10.1 points, 2.7 assists the embarrassment of data when not really a team's starting point guard.

4, nicolas batum, 2017-18 annual salary of$22.4 million.hand over 10.4 points this season+4 rebounds, 4.9 assists data more all-around, so to speak, but the contribution to the team in the match value does not match with its annual salary, france pippen eventually be overrated.

3, chandler parsons, 2017-18 annual salary of$23"grosvenor ltd shuai"has long been known to the broad masses of fans, he is arguably the most typical representative of high-paying low-energy, paid record of no help to the team after joining the memphis grizzlies, but locked team salary space, but is averaging 8.8 points this season than last season is slightly better, parsons, although court disappointed, but continues to make news outside, also be a winner in life.

2, kyle lowry, 2017-18 28.7 million.was once the most underrated player, is a typical representative of value, with the raptors last summer signing three years 100 million's huge salary and then lost themselves, although the raptors are second high east, the team has maintained a stable state, but lowry season averaging 16.2 points, 6.9 assists, and shooting 42% if i live up to the contract?the scoring and shooting at the lowest since joining the raptors.

1, paul, paul milsap, the 18-2017 salary of$31.2 million.averaging 15.3 points and 6 rebounds data+44.6% shooting from the field for one with a paid post player who is qualified, i believe you all have their own november against the lakers since paul milsap injury in 16 games so far this season, with a$31 million salary paul milsap has the contribution of the field is not as good as a$11 million, 37, randolph, compared with those of 30 million annual salary of players:garage, james harden, wei, griffin and others less, paul milsap misfortune finally topped"".

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