a sudden!zou shiming blindness is good wife ranyingying worried emergency treatment

the chinese boxing champion zou shiming suspected sudden blindness, is understood to have taken to the hospital emergency treatment.walking on the road, zou shiming ranyingying and assistant to assist to his wife, from the perspective of the situation of netizen has, zou shiming vision problems obviously, even can't see in front of the foreign body.ranyingying on twitter, said:"for me, today is the worst day."

when ranyingying worried netizens or sent blessing for her with a king."everything will be all right."it is the netizens' voice.hope zou shiming won't appear.

as a boxer, eye injuries is a normal thing, boxing fans memories is that china and thailand boxing in 2014, zou shiming and thai boxing wang kun than seven played 12 rounds, eventually zou shiming pyrrhic victory in the competition, win the world boxing champion gold belt, the right to challenge.since that game, zou shiming professional, eyes swollen small steamed bun is general, but his perseverance and bravery conquered all fans.

professional boxing and amateur boxing is the most obvious point is different, it is to wear don't wear a headset, as olympic champion, zou shiming in entering the professional boxing had not adapt, but he insisted on down.this time of emergencies, don't know whether with your career, in fact all know the outside world, the history first muhammad ali because career period suffered too much power, then got parkinson's disease.

prior to this, the king has always been in a very bad mood.because the japanese fighter xiang tko kimura, he not only gave the opponent was crowned wbo welterweight champion of the world of the flies, but lost a lot of people support itself.therefore, zou shiming has been eager to both sides of the second war, hoping to find dignity, unfortunately, replay was dismissed his appeal, and the opening a problem didn't get attention.

many people do not understand zou shiming everything, think he occupies the right place, right time and situation, should not be lost.zou shiming also regret his underestimation naturally, he wanted to find a son, want to continue to prove is 36 years old, he can still play.therefore zou shiming chose not to retire, and continue to fight in the first line.as china's second after xiong chaozhong professional boxing champion, zou shiming's fame is currently the boxers in the no.1, he has repeatedly said he hoped to do more things for chinese boxing.to the outside world think he"love", zou shiming once responded:"i'm from guizhou zunyi mountain village to come out of poor children, bloody sweat struggle all the way till today.now i was seen with his wife, dressed in finery appeared in some public online some criticism, in fact, i want to say is that we should have honorably new era sports people alive!"

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