yao ming is far more talented than zhou qi

basketball has a good foundation, especially in the position of center for many years, there has been a lot of talented basketball talent.member is the representative figure of the first chinese basketball, enter in the 90 s, the emergence of wang zhizhi, menk bateer and yao ming, let china basketball thoroughly ushered in the spring, unify asia for many years, and also have a good performance in the world competition.with the growth of yi jianlian, ding yanyu and guo allen, there is still a lot of hope for chinese basketball.

at the moment, the chinese basketball and a new star, called zhu rongzhen, many journalists believe that his strength would have more than the same period the housekeeper.

and housekeeper, zhu rongzhen basically comes from the basket score, he has a solid pace inside yet flexible, not only than the same period the housekeeper is poor, even stronger than a housekeeper.zhu rongzhen, who was born in 1999, is 2.16 meters tall and is growing taller, and experts predict he can even reach 2.23 meters.

in 2015 under-16 yaqingsai, zhu rongzhen become china's leading scorer;in 2016, zhu rongzhen was crowned the king of the world and the king of the cloakroom, and was awarded the best center and most talented player.

this summer, has reached its height of 2.17 meters, had never played professional football league zhu rongzhen, unexpectedly in the list of chinese men's basketball team training and become the youngest national in this group of players.at this point, it was only a month before he was included in the national olympic squad.in this way, zhu rongzhen completed the"triple jump"of guo qing, guo ao and the national team in a short time.

the united states shortly after net nba draft wrote that"zhu rongzhen continued the tradition of the chinese big man, he has a great size and talent.as a center with a height of 2.16 meters, zhu rongzhen has an excellent armshow and a lanky physique, and zhu rongzhen's physique is stronger than when zhou qi was just as big.at the same time, zhu rongzhen has the same mobility as zhou qi.and he proved that he could make a jumper in three seconds.in addition, he has a sense of sensitivity and a steady low-level attack on his age.he is definitely a long-term player and he has a very high ceiling.in a language like this, the nba's media have almost exhausted all the praise, and can see the recognition and optimism of the american side.

for zhu rongzhen, shandong basketball management center director jimin still says,"kevin at this age is very outstanding, but features, unlike zhu rongzhen, zhu rongzhen characteristics of more traditional center, kevin it was a bit of power forward."

hope zhu rongzhen efforts in shandong men's basketball team training, strengthen the basic skills of practice, improve the strength, become the core of the chinese basketball force as soon as possible, make its own contributions for the chinese basketball, blessing the young man.

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