liu guoliang was completely forgotten by the jury!china sports have another big event fans really cold!

, there are lakes and rivers, there are rivers and lakes, there is always a river, which is reflected in the cruel competitive sports.near year end, the chinese sports had a whole insiders expect great things, but to chinese fans heart, liu guoliang was this year's various professionals forgotten completely without any prize!

on wednesday night, the ping"archenemy"deng yaping appeared v personally influential summit, as claimed by the chinese compatriots yin recruit against eventually lost to japan's most powerful sports big v award by zou shiming, in recognition of his contribution for the chinese boxing career.the legend of the chinese nation was handed the trophy to him in person, which was a great recognition for zou, and also a timely and timely support for his statement.

but the last award in this year's chinese sports of selection, cctv 2017 sports person of the candidate list, with liu guoliang was china's top ten best coach lang ping lawrence finally the manager of the month award for shortlisted candidates, but the name of liu guoliang again disappeared, deng yaping, a lot of people can't give their stuff teacher younger brother trophy and sad.the man who was so domineering in the table tennis court that he could not make the japanese man alive was completely forgotten by the domestic and foreign review boards, but the fact that he didn't make a sound is really chilling!

is not only liu guoliang defeated, the cctv at the 2017 sports man, of all the awards at home and abroad, the pressure of competition of the largest countries ping all the army of the boys' demise, whether it is a popular singer zhang jike, or the world championships and national games"super grand slam"winner of all the defending malone all not in the candidate list, and lin, sun, kejie these frequent guest on the list again, liu guoliang's sons"silly"absent too regret!

but this year the ping the boys' collective for cctv, awards, and actually open low to go high this year, especially after withdrawal wind and cloud, as they have in the international table tennis federation ecstasy in the ball after finally led to the world cup and the german open on the entire army of destruction.but liu guoliang indeed impressive, before stepping down as the year the ping value most world championships, he not only won the weight of the final four gold medals, also sent a mixed doubles champion, for mixed doubles projects into the to increase the number of gold medal in the olympic games in china, but as his surprise, the ping's men obsolete all grades this year!

but fortunately, liu guoliang's achievements are not to be proved by the review committee, he may be able to make the best choice when he has won the wishes for the new year!

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