shenhua finally announces tevez salary!i never thought it was this number!

in recent days, argentina's tyc radio reported that tevez had wanted to pay a$18 million transfer fee to get away from shenhua.the news came as a surprise to the fans.however, it is unclear how much of this information is true.shenhua has not yet responded.

after the carlos tevez has a clause in the contract with the shenhua:carlos tevez can$6 million paid to shenhua as termination of gold, but time has passed that stipulated in the foreign media reports that shenhua has raised the fee to$18 million, a doubling of the amount.for this, there are fans to make fun of:early termination and transfer fee are two different the early termination period has passed without 6 million.while everyone knows that 1800 is impossible to sell, the top brass can't lose it.

in fact, fans are more concerned with shenhua to carlos tevez to prescribe how much salary can let carlos tevez would like to play in the chinese super league.previously, the foreign media revealed that shenhua had given tevez the world's highest salary, far more than messi and cristiano ronaldo.recently, the chairman of the shenhua club of this issue gave a lateral reply.

take place on december 4, the chinese professional football club international seminar on financial risk prevention, shenhua club chairman wu xiaohui said to speak to carlos tevez, said wu xiaohui shenhua for tevez, please do not hesitate to give him the world's top five salary.but when it comes to tevez's performance, mr.wu's words have not been successful this year, but he has helped the team.although wu xiaohui didn't say how much tevez's salary was, foreign media reported it.

according to marca published in the latest football player wages, messi to euro 43 million annual salary ranked first, mar 36 million in the third, fourth cristiano ronaldo to euro 34 million, effectiveness in the hong kong academy 24 million the fifth, and the second is carlos tevez, a salary of 38 million euro.messi did not earn a contract until he signed a contract with ronaldo and neymar.that is to say, the initial bid for tevez is the highest salary in the world.