play big?after the game, you have to practice durant?the cousin says a word to the fans

kd continues to be blanks on the injection.the referee didn't say he was going to send the two off!

at this point has been sent off durant and cousins still cursing from a distance, both population model is clearly visible in the f * * k

stem jiyan is this?

this is 43 days, this season he was ejected from the third time, the first record in the league this addition, he also ate 6 t, also is the league for the first

some joke durant this is the first person want to crazy want to be a union

it is reported that two people to spray the matter and the development of the subsequent

the feud between the two people don't seem to end, in yesterday's game after the game, when durant ready to leave, take an examination of cousins tried to close to each other, although arena eventually closing the door security guards to separate two people make both parties no further physical touch;but during the off-court conflict, mr kohsines remained in a very hot mood, and his mouth was occasionally exposed to durant.

it seems that when durant junk words provoke the hyacinth, after the game when he left the arena kd, take an examination of god and tried to catch up with him and talk to him, the result of the security guards have to present, even close the arena door side to separate them."i don't know why he's running away, this weak guy, he's going to pay for what he said on the pitch,"he said.

looks like this time durant is a total exasperating khinis

to see the moment of conflict that durant kaus had had!two people seemed indeed to be don't like the two sides

cousins king test period to spray the thunder durant

after the conflict in this matter has now been union knew, the nba will look into the matter, to determine whether additional punishment for two people.


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