russia has no winter olympics!south korea has just finished with chinese netizens again embarrassed

preparations for the 2018 olympic winter games in pyeongchang are in orderly progress, and on december 5, the international olympic committee announced in lausanne, switzerland, based on the evidence of"widespread use drugs", will be banned from russia to participate in the winter olympics pyeongchang.for the"clean"russian athletes, they will participate in individual or collective events in the name of"olympic athlete from russia", but no medal belongs to russia.

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this is the international olympic committee(ioc) unprecedented suspension decision at a time.then russia responded quickly, and vgtrk, the state broadcaster, said it would not broadcast the games if the russian team did not take part in the winter the same time, in the process of the international olympic committee(ioc) conference on that day, the russian state television on the screen in the top right corner of the olympic rings logo increased the slash, in protest at the international olympic committee's decision on the for such"protest"means, arcaso was able to say only one sentence:the fighting nation, indeed very capricious!

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pyeongchang olympics history

in fact, since the winter olympics pyeongchang for many"not harmonious"sound, the south korean domestic resistance, discontent abroad all let the winter olympics is full of"variables".

we are officially two up away from the next olympics, the 2018 winter olympics.they kick off next february in pyeongchang, south chesapeake.the city is east of seoul, in the northern part of the country.

south korea at a very early age is actively apply for olympic games, it was not until 2011 that the successful bid to host the 2018 winter olympics, but in the process of preparation, domestic had no passion at that time, political and economic turmoil, holding the olympic games, haven't started has lost nearly 20 billion.such a huge"pit", also do not know whether can rely on this olympic games to fill up.

in addition, because of the influence of the"sade"event, china to south korea is refusing to take part in many activities, from jeju international tennis tournament, chun chang county of tennis to keb international golf course, chinese players all refused to attend!even the south korean netizen roar:pyeongchang winter olympics do not come!who knows to be chinese netizen to go back:you also don't come in 2022!

:beijing won the 2022 winter olympics, which means beijing will be the first city to host both the summer olympics and the winter olympics.

beijing has become the first city to host both summer and winter olympic games after beating kazakhstan 's or to hold the 2022 winter olympics.

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in fact, many countries in recent years for bidding for the olympic games the enthusiasm of many, since the 2008 olympic games in beijing jing is colourful world, the london olympic games, the london olympic games), rio de janeiro olympic games ltd(olympic games) is under a lot of, arcaso is here to take a look at some of the jokes about the olympics.

[opening ceremony] opening ceremony.the opening ceremony of the most recent olympics was in rio de janeiro, was reported that the opening ceremony was in, but rio did not seem to be ready, the venues were unfinished, the police went on strike, the president stepped down...although the opening ceremony and competitions were completed, the ridicule from netizens around the world did not stop.

the guardian(the guardian) as early as before the opening ceremony of the first"fire":"if you expect to see such as beijing or london the opening ceremony, you may be disappointed, because rio money only 5% of the beijing olympic games, london's 10%."

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(rio de janeiro, in other words, the olympics really don't have much money, you also not much looking forward to!)

, of course, the opening performance was a big part of the opening ceremony and the main joke.

"pay homage to spiderman."

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(can only say that foreign net friend is very imaginative!)"no country can beat the chinese for quite a while, to be honest."(honestly, no one can beat the opening ceremony of the beijing olympic games.)

, i feel that the chinese netizens still don't compare the opening ceremony of the beijing olympics to the opening ceremony of the other olympic games.after all, we have not invested much in manpower, material resources and financial resources.

[venues] competition venues.the olympic venues in rio have been rushed to completion, even the olympic athletes who live in the olympic village look miserable.the toilet is blocked, the pipe is broken...some delegations simply refused to move in.

according to rio official photos, the olympic village environment estimate standard of 7 days inn, however, the media published photos let people can not help but want to live in the athletes worry, chinese netizens have said:safety first, competition second.

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even london olympic village are being"abandon"at that time, some athletes said the bed is not big enough"with complete facilities is not enough,"but would be"spoiled"locog, said:the olympic village has reached the standard for a holiday.the implication is:this accommodation condition is good enough, you still choose what to choose!hum~

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but compare beijing olympic village environment, whether accommodation environment, the facilities and food culture, wonder athletes have to give advice to london and rio.they live in the olympic village in beijing.

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although all of the fun never stops of the olympic games, but for the peak of the olympic games sports, love of sports spirit has never ceased.the 2018 winter olympics in pyeongchang will be held on february 9, solstice on february can watch it with your family during the spring festival.

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