family pride!a family of four in guangxi is a giant home for two meters.

xu zhong hao, born in 1990 in nanning, guangxi, a remote he is a member of the chinese men's basketball team.he was once hailed as the successor to wang zhizhi.he is 2 meters and 12 meters tall and is a giant.but perhaps you don't yet know that his family is reputed to be a giant family.four of the family members are more than two meters tall.eight others have also reached more than 1.9 meters.

xu zhonghao father named xu cheng will, used to be a men's basketball team the first center in guangxi.his mother, chen guofeng, was also from the guangxi women's basketball team.his parents are very tall and his father is over 2 meters tall.and xu chenghui's aunt is also more than one meter and eight.she has three children and is nearly two meters problem, she turned her mother-in-law's family into a giant's home.and her second son, zhang gang, is a member of the guangxi men's basketball team and his daughter is a member of the guangxi women's basketball team.

gu named zhang caiquan xu zhonghao watch.since getting married, he has been able to help zhang's height gene.he had four daughters and a son.the three daughters and their four daughters reached more than 1.90, while the son's height also managed to exceed 2 meters.

xu zhonghao cousin huang gongxi, and had reached the height of 1.98 meters, is the chinese women's basketball team the first, she is the"first secretary"of mao ping village.

xu zhonghao pi dark red and a cousin named.the height also reached 1.9's also a basketball player.he entered the national team in 2014.

due to the height of the family problems, large feet became the common characteristic of the members of the they wear large shoes, and they can only be customized.

the hui, zhang, huang built a giant family, because of their special, sports bureau of them have even begun to track the document.even though we ordinary people, the family is unique and mysterious, is also very curious to explore.

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