why did coach li chunjiang leave guangdong?the cause of grief is chilling

guangdong men's basketball team over the years has been the cba league championship team, the overall strength is strong, these have the champion team culture background, also have to start with more than a decade ago, the then guangdong men's basketball team is a most common team, is the existence of the cba do.in 2001, the team brought in coach li chunjiang, and only in the past three years, li chunjiang has brought this guangdong men's basketball team to the position of three consecutive crowns.

when the team's core players, sf, du feng, wang is little-known player, yi jianlian also grow up in the youth team, can achieve such results.li chunjiang's coaching skills are by no means covered.however, after the first three titles, li chunjiang was dismissed in 2007 and the team was taken over by li qun, who lost the nba finals.then guangdong hongyuan brought li chunjiang back and helped the team complete the four consecutive crowns, so that li chunjiang could be regarded as the most successful coach in china.

but is in such a result, the spring river once again by the guangdong tigers fired.spring river was heavy at the news conference, said only oneself because of body reason had to leave the club, however, soon after signed and zhejiang metal spring river, it will know that spring river from the left is not so simple, he said.it's worth mentioning that zhu fangyu, a member of li chunjiang's previous day, tweeted:"pinpointing the finger, it's happening again today!"then he posted a picture of himself with yunus, accompanied by the text, with his father caesar coming.it seems that zhu fangyu knew li chunjiang was leaving, but there was no nostalgia and sadness.li chunjiang is known for his strict management and quick temper, which is why he achieved excellent results in zhejiang guangsha, but this is not something that some players like.late that year in guangdong, there has been a lot of star, everyone's salary is high, the personality is bright, to the strict requirement of spring river some dissatisfaction, but also for the players, let spring river ran away sad, coach on the left.

but the gold will always glowing, spring river in zhejiang construction in recent years, the team's progress is obvious to all, china's basketball need to develop, must reuse ability of coaches, leading the chinese basketball moves towards magnificently.

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