carshuo was the first to leave the team for the introduction of mr. yim

,"italian football"website reported that cannavaro for serie a front bully kali, still not forget for a moment.when he was in power last year, he urged him to introduce him, but only because the price of 45 million euros was too high.evergrande's new boss, fabio cannavaro, is recommending to evergrande's board of directors that the first foreign aid candidate for the new season would be ready to pay more than 45 million yuan to join him, according to the website.

after several reports in italy, handsome and the ac milan's front bully frequent contact, according to german"transfer"to make the price is 25 million euros for the kali niki, if evergrande paid a 45 million euro transfer fee, i think is very willing to for the rossoneri, such a large capital inflows.the biggest problem now is the players themselves and the evergrande club.the colombian striker, who was introduced by atletico madrid, last year for 42 million euros.down to the water horse.the whole season has been almost uncompetitive, with was said to have been angered by the incident, and liu yongburn, the original chairman, was removed.

so evergrande will stump up the huge fee, for now, there are variables is too big.announcing the cards this year on november 9, handsome, the mobilization meeting, mr xu has announced the three goals for the 2018 season, the first, north crown, the second in the league, the champions league title for the third time, third, gradually built the whole can be said that the goal is very clear and the pressure on card is very large.with a salary of 12 million euros and a return to the top of evergrande, it would be a big question if he could get good grades next year if he didn't get the player he wanted.building the all-china class in 2020 will be a daunting task.

now the intention of feat four players leave has been basically clear, the contract signed with the team only half of the year jose ridge, has determined to leave.evergrande thigh high, there are a lot of well-known brazilian media reported earlier that the transfer window opens next year, he 80% return brasileiro, plus has been lying to earn high salaries j horse, he himself is also very eager to leave evergrande, back in europe, so leave in advance the possibility is very is only a matter of time before the left back of evergrande, zou zheng, has already talked to tianjin about the transfer intention.and evergrande is in his position, and there are a lot of players who have been playing for years, so it's just a matter of the winter transfer window begins, we can imagine that there must be a bombshell.

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