what does it take to have a million women queen to marry an old man?after birth, she said the original

as china's national ball, table tennis has always been the focus of chinese people's attention.because most of the tennis fans are men, the women's table tennis circle is obviously more concerned with men's table tennis.in the new century, there is one person whose name has to be mentioned, she is zhang yining!

as one of the most successful people in the history of the chinese women's table tennis, grand slam champion zhang yining has a very successful career.in total, she won the title of the three series in 19 times and was the real queen of table tennis.but the teacher elder sister and her wang nan to marry longtime boyfriend, zhang yining after married, become a real estate boss's wife, and the real estate tycoon is 20 years older than she was.

this man named xu, according to media reports, zhang yining the relationship for three months only bear fruit quickly.zhang yining, 28, and xu wei, 48, were married in october 2009.after the marriage, two lives a lovely daughter.after the marriage, zhang yining was also almost insulated from the outside world, devoted to her husband.

the zhang yining was asked why he married to 48, xu wei?is it really just for the money?i don't think so.after all, zhang yining is already an olympic champion and world champion.after defending her title in 2008, her influence has been unprecedented.what is it for?

at last, in an interview, zhang yining revealed the story:"i and xu through correspondence, views on many things, too.my norm is that the other half loves me and deserves to be loved.sure enough, the three views are still very important, age gap, money is not a problem.i wish the king a happy future.