the badminton queen has been forced to leave the office of li yongbo and now live happily ever after

in advance chinese badminton team, a person's name has to mention, he is li one of the most successful manager in chinese sports, teaching time for 24 years, total gains during the 92 world championships, including 18 olympic gold medal, he was also known as"the feather lorded over."

and li yongbo has gradually been forgotten a partner, who struggle with him for many years, but in 1998, was forced to leave due to impeach li yongbo, after years of struggle officer to the deputy, she is ling wei.

ling wei, born in 1964, is the best male shuttler early big star, his career has been a total of 38 series, including 13 world champion.she is china's first"would-be grand slam"player, because sadly until she retires, badminton is still not an olympic sport.still, li is known as the"badminton queen".

ling wei and li yongbo entered the coaching staff after retirement, but in 1998 with the bonuses of the 1996 olympic games and players contradiction happened.the team suspected that the coaching staff had economic problems, so li and li and several other coaches and nearly 20 players signed the book.but after a year-long investigation, li stayed in the job, while many of li, li, li and chen, among others, retired from the national team.

although out of the country feather the coaching staff, but ling wei still play in heat.she first served in the china badminton association and was promoted to the international badminton 2008, she was promoted to the deputy director of the national sports administration's table tennis center.she was elected vice president of the chinese olympic committee in lingwei's life was equally happy.

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