blush with shame!zhang jike and other members of a group of people in the eyes of the public to play with the crotch to tell the truth

for china national ball, they have a shocking name"no one can win"!that, of course, no one can win and the team's completely are two concepts, but attentive audience may find a small detail, even dominate the ball the kingdom of ping in the game also has a"little tricks", don't know the truth of fans may see would blush.

if you are the true zhang jike powder, so in addition to playing billboards, torn clothes, and in the above you will certainly see--every time, in the fierce battle with coco will put his hand into his pants, and then loose pants on...this must be a super big perk for many girls!

and it is not only a game, this movement has become a habit, and on this"link", the audience will be boiling noise, i really don't know is to encourage the applause or...

but this action is not only zhang jike one specific action, ping is countries have such a habit.

look, even has always been the darling of malone and so on.

this awkward action is"ignorant of the fat"ball teaching members of a"killer"?no, no, no, you are for the truth, wu jingping, a famous coach of the chinese team who was a famous coach, ma lin and wang hao, solved the problem and explained the players to the players.

:"as a player who plays ping-pong, he has already tied up his pants before the game.but because the match is intense, the movement is big, the belt is tied very tight but also can some slip off, so in the match they will unconsciously play.and it's a habitual sport for athletes, with short sleeves tied in shorts and tight waistbands.

for this answer, also explanation why the players will be under the eyes of the public with crotch, it is also a necessity.but does the women's team have the same routine?

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