the double sex has been questioned by the rio olympic champion!the two sexes encounter embarrassment!the chinese on the list

is known as the basis for determining whether you are male or female, male chromosome y, and female chromosome is x.stella vlashevich was a polish track and field athlete who was the fastest female athlete in the world at the time., who won 100 m gold medals at the 1932 los angeles olympic games, set up more than 100 domestic and world record, in her entire career, get medals up to five thousand, created the miracle of athletics history.he was inducted into the american track and field hall of fame.but stella vlashevich is bisexual.that is, you have both yx chromosomes.this is it male or female?

castel caster semenya is south africa's track and field athletes, track and field world championships in berlin in 2009, won the women's 800 meters champion, in rio de janeiro olympic games won the women's 800 m gold medal.gender was questioned at the time, and after gender testing, castel semenya confirmed that not 100% of women, but not 100% of men, were was unfair for her to compete in the women's game, but was it fair to compete in the men's game?who can comment on this?

the german tennis player sarah rohner de.there are also two genders, but this guy is decisive, cut out male reproductive organs and become a real woman.and she's a very beautiful woman with beautiful blonde hair and a very slim the age of 22, groenard had just won the cwr championship in israel, and after the game, one contestant said:"she's like a man, the back of her serve is too strong."

"gender"there are a lot of athletes.germany's famous pole vaulter, bushbaum, was a"double man"who won a bronze medal at the european 2008, resolutely decided to change from sexy beauty to big handsome, shocked germany, many male fans are crying and tears!

india santi-sandra young female athletes, the doha asian games in 2006, she won the 800 m, 27, a silver medal, but was named as"gender fraud", finally the silver medal was deprived.the expert identified him as a man, but sandra young thought she was a woman, and the commission was the biggest insult to her.she tried to kill herself after the game and was saved, crying back to india.

our country also has a"bisexual"athletes, liu qunli is athletes in hunan, in 2004 the national peasant games, won the women's 100 m tyre championship.the appearance of the male athlete, other provincial delegations raised objections to the appearance, but after the examination, the confirmation of having a chromosome xy, is"two sex people".

"bisexual"although athletes during the game, meet, but we want them to happen in life don't embarrassing.

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