a tiger is to be a dragon vengeance crazy ko siti guess?look at what a tiger says!

everyone knows that a long time ago, a dragon challenged the thai boxing champion sitey, and he was beaten and defeated.a dragon though failed, but this willingness to challenge the courage is very valuable, at least to strong-arm reaction, dare to face, than those who are boasting about how much at ordinary times, the key time show, find excuses to avoid the coward.and after the fact, the dragon said, he didn't train seriously, he only trained for twenty days.otherwise the outcome might not be the case.no matter how you say, dare to challenge is good.

recently, media reports said monks going to crazy beat west mention guess a tiger, a listen to nature is very looking forward to.

, however, soon a tiger came out to refute the rumor!he says siti is a master, and he doesn't want to be famous for the heat.

as we all know, a tiger is also the famous shaolin monks, a lot of people wanting to him.however, when the tiger was calmer, he first explained to the media that he was not going to play siti's guess:he didn't want to take the heat, and he said that he was injured and was recovering, and that he could not play now.

and a tiger also argue for a dragon, he says it is dinner party destroyed a dragon:his pressure is too big, although there is plenty of time for training, but it is too much social parties, lonely at the top, some of the dinner party was pushed out.

hear failure reason is because of too much social parties, the entertainment is not attend, netizens have doubt:monk's main job now is dinner party?

, while talking about the state of the game between the two sides, a tiger thinks that siti will try his best to make the best of the milk, but not even half of the dragon can play it.the other tiger said that siti was not the best player in thailand.but he says he wants to learn more from siti.

as everybody knows, a tiger and a dragon wulin wind's top player, but also the most powerful domestic nowadays wulin superstar, and a tiger more senior, is the only formal tonsure shaolin temple monks.of course, a tiger is recovering from the surgery, and will be able to sweep its opponents on the big stage of wuling wind.

dear friends, are you really looking forward to the return of a tiger?are you eager to see a tiger play on the martial arts show?

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