the retired kobe bryant is still a lunatic: he has created a business empire in the wee hours of the morning

since april 14, 2016, retired after bryant's life really started in the second half, fans are very interested in, the more true for 20 years the black mamba, with his character, can never take a lifetime contracts began to vacation endowment of life, then he will do what?when the coach?like o 'neal as a commentator?or do you want to buy a team like yao to start the championship again?no, at the beginning of his retirement, bryant just said,"i'm not going to do that.i'm going to do something else!"





那么这一年,科比让自己的商业达到了什么地步呢?let's simple tally up

bodyarmor is bryant hands-on a functional beverage, sales were us$3 million in 2013, 70% of the nation's market share by gatorade blown away, now, bodyarmor sales reached$200 million, to this end, kobe has had a great a plate bureau, his goals and become the world's first brand of sports drinks is 2025

among them, his drink partner charles repole also share a story,"several times at 3 o 'clock in the morning i give he sent sms, he is back, afterwards just know, at that time, he began to work, then i realized, once his arrogance, is really has the capital!"

what is the meaning of this madness, when they first start a bodyarmor, charles repole warned kobe, gatorade drinks the dominance of the function, can not shake you and me, if you do the same with him, this itself is asymmetric, can do this grade brand, research, also said that we only have 1% chance!what do you think kobe bryant is?

this guy heard the possibility of only 1%, getting excited, he said:"when i was young, someone told me that can play in the nba is very few, want to be successful in the nba, it is almost impossible!but my opinion is, after all, someone succeeds, why not me?"

in addition to investment, create brands, he also will reach to the fund, hand travel and entertainment, including scripted play animation"musecage"has been widely recognized, most likely oscar nomination;besides,"the best nba", with tencent, also hopes to expand its boundaries and break through the bottleneck of mobile game.

for your own life, kobe bryant:"the need is constantly learning, constantly learning, that is the reason why life is so wonderful!"

in the end, we finally know the kobe for"life"in the second half of the vision:20 years later, if my life is the most successful still in basketball, so i think, is himself a loser, it's that simple!

in the basketball field, perhaps there will be another person beyond him, but little imagine, bryant had to open another journey in life, at this time remind of a word:i hope you can see my car tail lights...


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