why are women swimmers flat on their chests?fu told the truth!

swimming is a very plastic sport, so swimmers tend to have a perfect body.male athletes generally have a large body and eight abs, such as sun yang;female athletes are legs long waist thin, concave and convex.however, there is a phenomenon that really confused everyone, why women athletes have very flat breasts?

swim first goddess especially liuxiang, height 1 meter 8, her daily routine was really good, but when put on swimsuit, it would completely be masked.

butterfly ace liu ying, london olympic 100-meter butterfly runner-up, she was hit by liu xiang the identity of gossip girl.she has a very impressive body, a"chest", but after she put on a bathing suit, she is instantly humanized.

as the change of the times, a bathing suit has become a leading science and technology in today's sports world,"flying fish"phelps"shark skin"swimsuit is the most famous of these.these professional swimsuits are extremely thin and tight in the body.

rio last year after the olympic games, hit the"big girl"fu yuanhui uprightness to answer the question,"swimsuit how tight you outsiders don't know, again big chest be le ping".

there was an experiment, a non-professional swimmer trying on swimsuit, spent ten minutes!professional swimsuits are very real.water can't get in after launching.it would be hard for the public to know their hardship and pay tribute to them if they were not"outspoken".