please call liu guoliang: chief consultant! was dismissed? pingjiao emergency rumor!

recently, liu guoliang"sea"business news in the chinese sports circle caused a larger sensational, liu guoliang has been in a"stealth"state gave the fans sent an explosive message, gorgeous life turned grumpy president, a fan jokingly said:the future can not call the ball fat, and should not understand the ball liu total.

after dumping the head coach of guo ping, liu guoliang rarely the former super red star"liu month and a half,"social media rarely updated, appear in the news are generally accompanied the eldest daughter wins the win to participate in the golf competition.many people are urging liu guoliang to return to guoping but all know that this is basically impossible.liu guoliang will definitely start a new life, but no one has ever thought that 688 is opening up a new life in such a way-into commercial nan's husband guo bin with his own brother liu guoliang reached the commercial battlefield, financing 50 billion to build the first sports industry town.liu guoliang said he likes innovation and challenges.he is eager to make various attempts in different fields to enrich his life experience.liu guoliang also said that he does not understand his own interests and does not care.what he understands is sports and will not leave in his this"business", liu guoliang will be what kind of role to participate in the"pvp"what? according to the latest news revealed that liu guoliang in the project served as chief adviser project.during his tenure as head coach of guoping, liu guoliang has completed all his tasks, took all the titles, and after successful accomplishment, liu guoliang started a new journey of life at the age of 41, of course, he still did not leave sports.liu guoliang"sea"after the news is confirmed, there is news that liu guoliang's name has been not in the chinese table tennis association official website, suspected to be exempt from"vice chairman of the table tennis association,"but confirmed that the relevant responsible person of the chinese table tennis association said liu guoliang still serves as vice chairman of the chinese table tennis association.