knight held an emergency meeting! finally know the real loss of the two major culprit? the

beijing time on november 1, the cavaliers experienced a 3 wins and 4 losses, especially after three straight team who appeared emotional instability.tailulu in the training after the end of all the people called into the conference room, to discuss the team's problems.

the atmosphere of the meeting is serious and quiet, everyone has published his own point of view, not a person published by james, but james is not in the state.perhaps the last three straight blows completely cracked zhan huang's heart.

james is too obedient, the problem from the tailulu took the knight coach began, never resolved.all the tactical system is around james to play one person, rarely develop music and others tactics, excessive use of james, knight once the lack of tactical core naturally a mess.this may also be the reason for owen to leave james, tyrone lu and then go on, knight this season, no hope.

the second james, as the biggest"winner."as the knight is now the absolute leader, but their own resistance to the infinite amplification to the field, on a game against the knicks fourth quarter of this emotional performance was too obvious, even if the team should not be expressed in the field of disappointment, a leader should do what he should do, the other players are expecting you when you get ahead defensive, not finished, etc.may not be a star of the state.

less roller compacted layup, james, could not find the nerve basket knife, grab the basketball of thompson, was off the speed of wade.knight in order to go further, really want to change the play, the road is far away, the season is very long, should find the team as soon as possible the play, in order to go further.

hope knight can play some heaven and earth!

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