the japanese woman fighting player is different from others!

japan is a very early country, its influence is very large, their country, whether male or female boxing are very much , and a woman fighting player in japan seems to be prominent, he is the famous japanese woman mma comprehensive combat quality level players"in the well", now has 31 years old her mma record is 19 wins, 1 draw 2 negative 6ko, and she of the famous place is because she is very special, and others are not the same!

when there is no sponsor, hard to fight for a long time to get a good result and no investors to value her, a time to play mma earn money tight enough to maintain life, which under how to do it? in the wells well come up with a good idea,

after every time and opponents attended the press conference, she was wearing a very strange dress appearance so that she was very special in the crowd, like the japanese men free kicker, nicknamed"japan pseudo-mother"of the long island of male ichiro.slowly, the well began to attract the attention of a large number of sponsors,

"i just want to attract people's attention", not only that he often wears sexy clothes to make a picture, as people show her that strong muscles and perfect body, of course, wearing a strange and special at the same time he also played in the mma fighting ring above the good results, by the countless japanese boxing fans favorite,

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