history of the most sad reminder of the boxing champion: this life completely lost to a woman in bed was young wife gaosi

many boxing fans say that boxing champion tyson lost to a woman lost to a woman, etc., in fact, boxing champion tyson and the following boxing champion than he really is not lost to a woman, the boxing be considered completely lost to a woman! he is the former american wba, ibf, ibo super bantamweight world champion"arturo-gatti"career record 49 war 40 wins and 9 losses 31ko opponents, in 1991 to enter the professional boxing to the perfect retirement in 2007, but in 2009 completely lost to a woman!

gatti, who was 35 years old after retiring in 2007, found a brazilian 21-year-old young wife, a very nice woman.it is reported that the two married in 2007 has been feeling bad after often quarrel, boxing gotta often drunk every time drunk to find his wife's things, messy jealousy where she is not good here, so there are often home violence of the plot, to the two in 2009 almost already reached the edge of divorce.and finally in one day in 2009 gatti was completely his own dress, gaosi.

11 day boxing champion gatti died in bed, was stuck with a belt on the wallet.the beginning of the boxing champion gatti's wife said he was completely unaware of the matter, gatti wife"amanda-rodriguez"with the police said:"i and children sleep on the first floor he slept on the 2nd floor, morning to get up on her 2nd floor called her husband found that he has left the world, so i called the police.later, after police investigation found that boxing gotti is not someone else harm, but by their own life together for two years of gods hurt.

according to the police, gatti's wife is taking advantage of gatti sleeping in bed when the belt with a wallet to strangle, and later the police to gatti's wife accused of court.there is an insider revealed that day gatti because her wife was wearing too much exposure, and then criticized it also pushed her down to the ground, because of such a long time gandhi wife gatti pain on this hand.can see the boxing champion is completely defeated in the hands of a woman!

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